Blackjack Tournament Tips

Blackjack tournaments present a different experience to the average blackjack player. Once in a blackjack tournament, a certain foreign competitiveness is felt that is not normally present in regular blackjack games. This is because blackjack tournaments

Blackjack Tournament Tips

Most of the time blackjack players are just fine playing against the dealer. They do not have to worry about what any other blackjack players at the table are doing. They can play out their rounds of blackjack only focusing on their strategy and what the dealer is doing.

But from time to time we like to increase the thrill of our blackjack games. And to do that we usually find ourselves a blackjack tournament. In a blackjack tournament we have to take what the other players at the table are doing, most particularly what they are betting.

And that brings me to my first blackjack tournament tip.

If you are trying to catch up to the table leader you are obviously going to have to increase the amount of your wager. But how? Do you increase it by a large amount in one or two rounds? Or do you increase by a moderate amount over several hands?

The thing to keep in mind is that, while blackjack players are used to not paying attention overly much to each other in a normal game, they are watching each other like hawks in a tournament game. Only the player with the largest bankroll will go on to the next round. Tournament games are highly competitive.

So considering how competitive blackjack tournament games are your best bet, no pun intended, is to do a couple of large increases over one or two rounds to try catching up to the table leader. Betting moderate amounts may not allow you to catch up to him, especially if he is betting higher than you to try to keep his lead.

Blackjack tournaments are sometimes played to a certain number of rounds. Do not waste rounds trying to catch up with moderately increased bets. You are more than likely not going to catch up, much less overtake him.

Blackjack is a gambling game. There is risk involved in a regular game, but in a tournament there is a feeling of even more risk

Do You Really Know What Insurance is?

When it comes to insurance for our cars and homes we sometimes feel as if we are being ripped off. We tend to groan and take a grudging feeling towards it. We have to pay and pay and pay.

And yet a good many blackjack players do not have an issue insuring their hands in a game of blackjack.

As a player you will come across insurance no matter where you play blackjack. If you play blackjack online you will find it. If you play in a brick and mortar casino you will still find it. It is the casinos

Betting Systems Are a No!

At times betting systems will tempt blackjack players from time to time. They just seem so easy to use and to turn a profit with. But there is a major problem with betting systems and blackjack.

First, a betting system is a method of choosing how to bet each round of blackjack. These systems dictate to players when to raise and lower their bets. These betting systems are progressive in nature and that is what is inherently wrong with them.

You can see the progressive nature of a betting strategy by looking at one of the two most commonly used betting systems: the Martingale method. Players that use the Martingale system will double their bet when they lose a round. So if you lost a $10 wager, you would wager $20 on the next; if you lost that round you would wager $40 on the next. This doubling continues until the player wins a round, and then returns to their original betting amount.

The reason this progressive idea of betting in blackjack is a bad idea can be attributed to the nature of a round of blackjack. Each round in blackjack is independent of the last one. This means that there

Blackjack Betting System No-No

A good number of blackjack players are tempted by betting systems. And most will try at least one at some point in time over the time that they play blackjack. I will admit to having tried one very early in my time of playing blackjack. I fell victim to the Martingale method.

What is the Martingale method? It is a betting system that is unfortunately used in blackjack. The way it works is to double your wager each time you lose. You only return to your original betting amount when you win.

For example, if you wager $10 and lose, the next round you would bet $20. Then $40. Then $80. Then $160. And that only covers five rounds of blackjack which you can do in less than half an hour. You can see how it adds up and how it can spin out of control.

The problem with this blackjack betting system is that eventually you are going to hit the table maximum for betting. It also requires a rather large bankroll in order for you to keep using it.

But the biggest problem, and this applies to every blackjack betting system out there, is that hands of blackjack aren