Playing Blackjack Online

When it comes to playing blackjack online there are several options to consider. It really all depends on where you are and where you would like to play. If you are looking to play at a Canadian casino, you are in luck; plenty of them have been popping up lately. The newest Province to get in on the action is the Province of Manitoba.

According to an article on the lotteries minister for Manitoba, Steve Ashton promises that the Province will have a website up and running by next year which will provide poker and other online casino games. This will happen so quickly because the casino will partner with a site already run by the Province of British Columbia.

The reason for this online casino adventure? Ashton says that Manitobans have been spending $37 annually at unregulated casino websites, so they are looking forward to keeping that money inside their Province, for their own Government.

This is a great concept, and one that other regions should also adopt. The US is missing out on millions of dollars that is being spent at off shore online casinos. Online gambling experts like Nelson Rose have voiced this several times in the past and it might seem like all of this lobbying is finally getting the US Government or change their minds. It is one way to earn more money to combat gambling addictions and child gambling.

So when choosing where to play blackjack there are of course plenty of options to choose from. Where to play, what kind to play? I personally prefer Playtech Blackjack no matter where I choose to play. But it is all up to what kind of game you want to play.