Unlimited Online Blackjack Bonus

We like unlimited. And we also like boosts to our online blackjack bankroll. It is especially fun to get off to an online blackjack start when we receive a nice boost from a Welcome Bonus. Here is an online blackjack welcome Bonus that is sure to get players off to a good start: Aladdin’s Gold Unlimited Welcome Bonus.

Yes, you read that right; I did say ‘unlimited.’ New online blackjack players can claim the Welcome Bonus for online blackjack and other non-slots games as many times as they would like during their first seven days at Aladdin’s Gold.

Here is how it works: new players to Aladdin’s Gold have a special screen when they log in where they can choose to claim the unlimited online slots bonus or the other games bonus; online blackjack players will be going with the other games bonus as the online slots bonus is not good for playing online blackjack. Once the new player has chosen they bonus, they can head to the cashier’s section of Aladdin’s Gold and make their deposit. The bonus money will be credited to their player account as soon as the deposit clears. Players will have access to that special Welcome Bonus screen for their first seven days at Aladdin’s Gold.

As for the bonus it is a 100% deposit match bonus. As previously stated, it is unlimited and can be claimed however many times a new online blackjack player would like. There is a 50 xs wager requirement on each bonus though so keep that in mind when you are claiming your bonuses; it is always nice to have extra to play with, but you have to meet the wager requirement before requesting a withdrawal.

Once the wager requirement is met, online blackjack players can request a withdrawal. There is also no maximum withdraw amount either, but the bonus money cannot be withdrawn. All bonus money will be removed once the withdrawal is made.

On the whole, the Welcome Bonus at [insert_php]echo $casino2name;[/insert_php] is quite generous considering that online blackjack players can claim it as many times as they would like in the first seven days, and that there is no maximum cashout on the bonus.

Best Times to Bet in Online Blackjack

When playing blackjack in a land casino, often times blackjack players will take their cues of when the best times to bet are from other players at the table that they perceive to be more knowledgeable about blackjack and blackjack strategy than they themselves are. I am talking about the times to double down and split pairs. In some cases this works out just dandy, and in other cases this does not work out so well.

But in online blackjack there are no other players to take cues from when it comes to betting in online blackjack to know when to double down and split pairs. It is just you and the game, and you have to determine the best time to bet. No other players to influence you. So if you are still getting your online blackjack game or betting strategy feet under yourself I do have a suggestion: basic strategy.

Basic strategy is the online blackjack player’s best tool for knowing the best times to bet. Not every hand has the best odds for doubling down and splitting. Without other players to learn from, basic strategy provides the best information to determine the best times.

A basic strategy chart is made up of the dealer up cards across the top with all player starting hands running down the left hand side. This chart will tell players when the best times to double down and split pairs are.

For example, most players know that most hard 10 and hard 11 dealer up card combinations are good to go for doubling down on. But did you know there are some hard 9s that have pretty good doubling down odds? Or did you know that there are eighteen soft hands that have good double down odds?

Granted, players cannot always double down on any hand in some online blackjack hands. But if players have that option there are soft hands that should be doubled down on. And pairs! There are eight instances where you should double down on a pair of 5s and not split.

That is the kind of information that basic strategy provides. And it provides it for free while being a perfectly legal strategy tool. Basic strategy is the online blackjack player’s best way of determining which are the best times to bet and double down or split pairs in online blackjack.

Chinese Blackjack Player Ai Weiwei Released

Blackjack players in the international community have something to celebrate today: the release from Chinese police custody of Ai Weiwei. Weiwei was arrest back on April 3rd and he has been held on what blackjack players and activist and politician view as suspicious circumstances.

Once arrested he was held on economic crimes. What created all the outrage among blackjack players who knew Weiwei as a brilliant yet kind player and among the international community was that he was an artist and activist in a country that has come under fire for extreme censorship. Weiwei spoke out often against such censorship and voiced his opinions about the Chinese government, which is why many feel he was arrested.

But his detention is over and Weiwei has been released under the agreement that he pay taxes he evaded paying, not speak about his internment and to not leave Beijing for a full year unless the Chinese government gives him permission to do so.

Blackjack players who knew Weiwei or have heard of his skill at the tables in Atlantic City are just happy to have him back on the outside. Back in April the blackjack community had organized several blackjack and poker tournaments to raise money. That money was used to lobby for the release of Weiwei, to impart trade restrictions against China, the most populated country in the world.

That is how much Weiwei meant to the blackjack community, who knew him as a quiet well-mannered player who willingly gave out tips and pointers on how to improve other players’ game and blackjack strategies.

Blackjack Background

Have you ever stopped to consider how online blackjack, or just blackjack in general, got to be so popular?

The game of blackjack goes as far back as the 1700’s when it was called Vingt et Un in France. This is why it should come as no surprise that Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte played blackjack; in fact, it is has been reported that it was his favorite card game and the one he played most often. So think of it this way when you are playing out your hands of blackjack online: you and your blackjack mind are in the company of Napoleon.

So you picked up that blackjack was not always called blackjack. Vingt et Un is French for 21. This is why the game is commonly called 21, which makes sense considering that the point of the game is to beat the dealer without going over 21; 21 is the star hand in the game—it is the hand players cannot go beyond and it is the hand that awards the highest payout.

So if the name of the game is supposed to be 21, where did the name blackjack come from? The game was so popular in the 1920’s American casino scene that it was nicknamed blackjack as slang for 21. This is derived from having a hand made up of the Ace of Spades and the Jack of Spades; it was the most popular hand, and even today there are some blackjack variations that payout even more if the blackjack is made up of the Ace and Jack of Spades.

When playing blackjack, be it blackjack online or in a casino, you now have a sense of history. This is not just a casino game with really good odds and house edge; it is a casino game with a strong history and popularity.

OnlineCasinoSuite.com Online Casino Directory

Online blackjack is one of the most popular online card games out there on the Internet. Granted online slots and online poker are up there in popularity, but they do not have the odds that online blackjack does. I mean you cannot beat a house edge of only 0.5% when using perfect basic strategy.

That being said, players obviously need a place to play online blackjack. And not just any place either. Online blackjack players need a safe, secure and reputable place to play. So I introduce you to OnlineCasinoSuite.com.

OnlineCasinoSuite.com is home on the Internet to some of the most sound online casino reviews that I have read. Their writers do not only say ‘This is a fun place to play.’ Their writers will research online casinos and then bring their readers reviews of the most reputable to make an online casino directory.

These reviews will tell players about where an online casino is licensed and regulated out of and what casino group owns them. They will talk about the software, the games and the graphics. They will also discuss the customer support staff of the online casinos they review. An online casino is only as strong as their support, and that is something OnlineCasinoSuite.com recognizes.

On the fun side of their reviews, their writers will talk about the Welcome Bonuses, other bonuses and player rewards clubs. These are in-depth reviews designed to help players find the best place to play online blackjack. And by best I mean safe, secure and most reputable.

But OnlineCasinoSuite.com does not stop at reviewing and offering an online casino directory. They also offer tips and news related to favorite online casino games. There is a whole section, Online Casino Suite’s blackjack page, which focuses solely on blackjack. It is there that online blackjack players can find quick resources and news about blackjack.

AC Tropicana Pays Out Another $5 Million

I am sure you all recall last month when the Tropicana in Atlantic City had to pay out $5.8 million to Don Johnson. It was only one of a handful of huge blackjack wins he had that amounted to $15 million winning streak around the Atlantic City casinos.

Now another blackjack player has made it big at the Tropicana. I do not have the winner’s name as it is not the Tropicana’s policy to name who their big winners are; it is their way of protecting the winner’s privacy. However, if the winner reveals their own identity, well that is their own prerogative, like how Don Johnson revealed himself to be the winner of the $5.8 million from playing blackjack back in May.

The latest winner at the Tropicana blackjack tables won $5.3 million. Not quite a Don Johnson, but pretty close. That makes for $11 million in just around a month that the Tropicana has had to pay out to blackjack players as a result of their high stakes blackjack tables. And despite the need to hang on to and make money, the Tropicana does not look to stop offering high stakes blackjack:

“That is just how it goes sometimes; if you get more, you can win more. We have a strategy of offering the most aggressive and highest table games limits in the Atlantic City market, and we are not going to change that. If someone wants to take the shot, we will take the action,” said the Tropicana’s President and CEO, Tony Rodio.

Online Blackjack Bonuses at Win Palace

I love bonuses. Bonus dessert, bonus savings, bonus anything. But when it comes to online blackjack, I love bonus money. There are a couple of bonuses for online blackjack players at Win Palace that have struck my fancy.

First there is the Welcome Bonus for Blackjack. Win Palace does offer a standard Welcome Bonus but it is aimed dominantly at online slots. Thankfully they created an online blackjack bonus. Starting with a new player’s first deposit, a 100% deposit match bonus worth up to $500 can be awarded. That deposit can be claimed ten times, which is a total maximum amount of $5,000. The bonus coupon WINBJ must be turned in before making any of those bonuses though.

After new players are done claiming their ten Welcome Bonuses for Blackjack they can hope on board for the weekly bonuses at Win Palace. Win Palace will theme their weekly bonuses to jazz them up and make them a little more fun. There is one bonus for online slots and another for table games—naming online blackjack. Here is the current week’s rundown of online blackjack bonuses:

Any deposit gets 110% (BETS1)
A deposit of $100 or more gets a 152% bonus (BETS2)
Deposit $200 or more and receive a 200% bonus (BETS3)
Deposits of $350 or more get a 240% bonus (BETS4)

Any of those bonus coupon codes can be used during the week, up to 40 xs. Coupon codes have to be turned in before making the deposit. Turning them in after will not get you your bonus. Also all bonuses have a wager requirement of 30 xs. Add together your deposit and your bonus money and there is the amount for the wager requirement. Naturally you can play online blackjack to meet that wager requirement.

Win Palace is lively with their weekly bonuses and it is worth checking back with them.

Hand By Hand Basis

Do you give much thought to what your odds of winning in blackjack are on a hand by hand basis? I am going to guess probably not. Nothing wrong with that. Most blackjack players are looking at the overall odds, which is smart. But there are some blackjack players have some misconceptions about the odds of winning.

Just to rehash in case you are joining me here for the first time, the odds of winning a hand of blackjack, a single hand mind you, is 44%. The dealer has a 48% chance of beating you, and the remaining 8% is made up of pushes better known as ties.

Some of the less informed blackjack players think that their odds would change from hand to hand. This is not really so. The odds of winning are based on the rules of the game. And the rules do not change from hand to hand. And the rules of blackjack are set so that the house has the edge.

Now I know you might feel like arguing card counting, and while card counting can give players an indication of if the remaining cards are running rich in high or low cards, it still does not change the rules of the game. Regardless of whether the cards are running high or low the same rules for doubling and splitting or when you bust are still the same. This is how the odds of winning a hand are the same regardless of whether you are playing blackjack online or in a casino.

So keep that in mind when playing blackjack. But do not let it ruin the game for you. Blackjack strategy will help you make the most of your hand. Stick with your strategy. While it will not impact odds, it can hit the house’s edge and cause you to lose less money.