Casino Bodog to Stop Accepting US Players

At the end of 2011 Casino Bodog will officially stop accepting US players. Actually the whole Bodog brand will stop allowing US citizens to access their websites as they change the name from to

Bodog is a very well known brand, and is in the process of marketing themselves somewhat like the Virgin brand. I learned on wiki today that they are even starting their own coffee line.

Currently Bodog operates under Morris Mohawk Gambling, based out of Canada although Bodog is a European brand. They acquired a license from the UK Gambling commission in July but have been waiting for their current license to expire. A license from the UK Gambling Commission is a huge deal, and is not offered to just any casino, so Bodog is very excited about the changes that are happening.

The decision to stop accepting US players revolves around the uncertainty of taking wagers from US players. They would rather be safe than sorry, they don’t want to do anything to defame their name because they are growing right now in many markets, especially Asia.

Founder of Bodog, Calvin Ayre says that the new venture is exactly what the company needs and everyone throughout the company is very excited to get things going.

Casino Bodog is ranked 13th in overall online casino traffic and 2ndamong casinos still accepting US wages.

It is sad to see another casino withdraw from the US market but I feel it won’t stop anytime soon unless the government makes some changes with regulation.

The Regulation of Online Gambling Could Fix Some Problems

There have been so many articles in the news recently about the legalization of online gambling in the United States. All of the speculation has made it a popular topic, but is it popular enough?

Many experts speculate that no bills are being passed because there are simply just too many other issues out there to deal with. Legislators are trying to fix the economy, unemployment, and healthcare. Online gambling doesn’t seem to hold a candle to some of these other bigger problems.

The regulation of online wagering could actually fix some of these problems. There is a “debt super committee” dedicated to cutting the government’s deficits by 1.2 trillion dollars over the span of ten years. Taxing online poker would bring in 40 billion dollars in taxes in ten years. I know this is only solving 1/30th of the problem, it is still something.

The District of Columbia is usually the leader when it comes to these types of bills, but gambling on online operations in DC is not something congress wants to do. Governors just don’t want to resort to online gambling, they think it will lead to the demoralization of society as we know it. New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is one legislature that doesn’t seem to be budging on the issue. He feels that passing the bill to moderate online gambling will result in betting parlors popping up all over the state.

Legislators like Christie greatly outnumber the supporters of online gambling, so it is no wonder that the only conclusion any of them can come to is to not come to a conclusion, yet.

It doesn’t help that the previous, and current speak, never felt the need to bring this issue to a floor vote. It’s too bad The Donald isn’t still in the race for presidency; he is a huge advocate for online gambling.

Blackjack Cards are Picked with Random Number Generation

Playing blackjack online carries the same amount of odds as playing blackjack in a real casino. If you disagree with this fact, there is something you should know about: Random Number Generation.

While researching the odds of blackjack online I came across something a that gave me much need insight into the world of online gambling.

Random Number Generation or RNG is used for many things other than gambling games. It also comes in handy when developing statistical sampling, randomized design, cryptography, and computer simulation. There are also a couple different forms that RNG can take.

The first is the computational method, which is used in online casino games. This method uses complex formulas and algorithms. It is much more complicated than the physical method, which is seen in the form of a simple coin flip, dice roll, or wheel spin, to name a few.

The last and least common method is the human method. This is the least favorite because research has shown that no matter how random humans think they are, there is always a subconscious pattern that goes with your alleged randomization.

All Online Casinos use this method. Every single one is equipped with this software.  So when you hear someone say that computers “cheat” at gambling games you can chuckle to yourself, and then explain to them what RNG is.

Playing blackjack online is always a good tool to perfect your game, especially with the “funny” money that almost all reputable casinos give you. You can see for yourself that the cards drawn are random, try it out on a one or two deck blackjack table if you really want to test the theory.

Mr. Green has a Blackjack Table for Everyone!

Although a relatively new Casino, Mr. Green is definitely making its mark in the online casino world.

It is OCS top-rated UK and Best Euro Casino Online. They are doing something right over there, whether it be the no frills demeanor or by not offering a ton of vague claims and unnecessary downloads. Mr. Green is actually a No Download Euro Casino.

That being said, let’s get to the Blackjack! With over 11 different types, I’m sure you will find a black jack table to strike your fancy. Anything from High Roller, to Pirate 21, or even my personal favorite: Double Exposure.

Once you are in you are going to notice, unlike other casinos, Mr. Green is primarily concerned with the actual playing experience. They aren’t going to try to steer you anywhere but your table.

Although Mr. Green doesn’t do many promotions, they do have one that adds a little something extra to your gaming experience.
It is a weekly lottery style drawing called the Green Elevator. Every time you login into your account you will receive 50 free bonus points, pretty cool right? You don’t even have to wager, but if you do you will receive the points based on the amount you wager, of course. The more points earned, the more lottery tickets earned, which means a greater chance to win the weekly free casino bonus giveaway.

Go to Mr.Green for the Blackjack, stay for the awesome atmosphere and special incentives! Online Casino Directory

Online blackjack is one of the most popular online card games out there on the Internet. Granted online slots and online poker are up there in popularity, but they do not have the odds that online blackjack does. I mean you cannot beat a house edge of only 0.5% when using perfect basic strategy.

That being said, players obviously need a place to play online blackjack. And not just any place either. Online blackjack players need a safe, secure and reputable place to play. So I introduce you to is home on the Internet to some of the most sound online casino reviews that I have read. Their writers do not only say ‘This is a fun place to play.’ Their writers will research online casinos and then bring their readers reviews of the most reputable to make an online casino directory.

These reviews will tell players about where an online casino is licensed and regulated out of and what casino group owns them. They will talk about the software, the games and the graphics. They will also discuss the customer support staff of the online casinos they review. An online casino is only as strong as their support, and that is something recognizes.

On the fun side of their reviews, their writers will talk about the Welcome Bonuses, other bonuses and player rewards clubs. These are in-depth reviews designed to help players find the best place to play online blackjack. And by best I mean safe, secure and most reputable.

But does not stop at reviewing and offering an online casino directory. They also offer tips and news related to favorite online casino games. There is a whole section, Online Casino Suite’s blackjack page, which focuses solely on blackjack. It is there that online blackjack players can find quick resources and news about blackjack.

Clue to a Safe Place to Play Blackjack

The last couple of days I have been discussing things to not look for and things that you should look for in an online casino where you are thinking about playing online blackjack. You do want a safe place and a fair place to play online blackjack right?

Of course you do! Who would not? No one. But how can you even possibly know if an online casino is safe or fair? Sure you could ask their customer support staff, but I am pretty sure they are not going to say that their online casino is not a safe or fair place to play. Customer Support is likely to be a tad bit biased. But fear not, there is another unbiased way to tell.

There is an auditing body known as eCOGRA and they are the most well-regarded auditor of online casinos and online casino game software developers in the industry. They are also unbiased.

The group eCOGRA was formed back in 2003 when a group of online casinos—competitors to each other mind you—and decided that there needed to be some sort of body that would be unbiased and would serve as a guide for online casinos in terms of responsible gaming practices, unbiased dispute resolution, fair standards in their games, timely and fair payouts and a strong customer support team. And so eCOGRA was formed.

Now eCOGRA does not answer to any of the online casinos that had a hand in its formation, nor do they accept any sort of funds from those online casinos; this is important to maintain the unbiased standpoint and reputation that eCOGRA has.

When eCOGRA reviews a potential online casino for their approval, they will check the casino for the points mentioned above. They will also periodically check in and audit the online casinos that do have their approval. Of the hundreds of online casinos out there on the web, only 145 have the eCOGRA “Fair and Safe” approval seal, which is the most sought after seal in the industry.

Players who are looking for a secure place to play online blackjack should look at the bottom of the online casino’s main page for their seals. If they are approved and have met eCOGRA’s standards they will have the “Fair and Safe” eCOGRA seal.

What to Look for When Looking for a Place to Play Blackjack

Yesterday I discussed some misadvice I had stumbled across in regards to what to look for in looking for a place to play online blackjack. So I thought for today I would discuss some things you do want to look for in when looking for a place to play online blackjack.

In yesterday’s post I talked about how the number of blackjack variations being offered was not the best indicator of whether you should play online blackjack at a specific online casino or not. And while this is true, there is one thing in regards to the types of online blackjack offered that you will want to be sure of: that the blackjack game or games that you want to play are offered.

Let’s say for example that you want to be able to play not only standard blackjack, but also want to play Pontoon. Not every online casino offers Pontoon in their blackjack selection. Let’s also say that you are also considering an online casino from yesterday’s list. Now all nine of the online casinos mentioned offer standard blackjack; that is par the course for any online casino. But what about Pontoon?

Online Vegas: no Pontoon
Millionaire: no Pontoon
Rushmore: Pontoon!
English Harbour: no Pontoon
[insert_php]echo $casino1name;[/insert_php]: Pontoon!
Cherry Red: Pontoon!
Go Casino: no Pontoon
Silver Oak: Pontoon!
Silver Dollar: no Pontoon

So out of those nine online casinos, only 4 of them offer Pontoon in addition to standard blackjack. This means it would be pointless to research the other five online casinos since you know that they do not offer one of the variations of blackjack that you want to play online. This narrows your search down, in this case, to those four online casinos.

Once you know that the online blackjack variations you want to play are available, you can check out the quality of their customer service, their deposit and withdrawal methods, whether they are regulated and if you like the Welcome Bonus they are offering.

While choosing a place to play blackjack is not based on how many blackjack variations they offer, what they offer is important in so much that you need to find an online casino that offers the blackjack games you want to play.

How to Practice Blackjack

This morning I discussed how a new comer to the game could learn how to play blackjack. But once you learn the objective, rules and flow of the game what do you do then?

The next step is to practice playing blackjack. Thankfully we live in the Time of the Internet and the Time of the Online Casino, so this is not a daunting as it would have been, say, fifteen years ago. All you need to is find an online casino that you like and play.

Okay, let me expound on that. When I say play I do not mean depositing money. The majority of reputable online casinos have two ways of playing. One way is the most commonly known way, and that is to create a player account, deposit money to said player account and play online blackjack for real money. The other, lesser known way is to create a player account and play in the Play for Fun mode.

Online casinos do offer free play versions of their software, and the most commonly played casino games can be found in these free play versions. Thankfully blackjack is a popular casino game and it can be found in free play modes.

Online casinos offer free play modes for a few reasons. One, they allow potential real money players to try out their casino software. Two, it allows established real money players a way to try out new games to see if they like them. And three, free play modes are available so that players new or experienced can practice their game and their strategies.

Yes, practicing does not end once you are familiar with the game. Blackjack, if you intend to be good at it and especially if you intend to make money with it, requires continual practice to always be sharp in how to use your strategy. So once you have read the basics, your next step is practice so that you become used to the actual flow of a blackjack game. Tomorrow we will look at introducing strategy to new players.

Gambling Addiction Signs

True to what I mentioned this morning, I will talk about gambling addiction.

While I honestly believe that the majority of gambling patrons can handle their money and their gambling responsibly, there are those who cannot, and it is important to be able to recognize if you or someone you know has a problem.

Financial Secrecy
When a person with a person has an addiction to gambling they will often become secretive about their finances. They will often insist on overseeing household finances by themselves, not because they feel that they can manage them better, but because it gives them direct access to money. They might also want to hide just how much money they have gambled.

Compulsive Gambling
Those with an addiction to gambling will often find it had to walk away when they have lost their allotted bankroll. Even though their gambling money is gone, they will often look for other sources of money. These could come in the form of credit cards, using money allotted for something else such as living expenses, or they could even steal it.

This need to find another source of money comes from the drive to win back the money they just lost. Winning back lost money is at the source of compulsive gambling. Addicted gamblers try to find more money to wager with to win back the money they already lost, and in the process lose that next batch of money.

Unnecessary Gambling
This happens when you do not have money to gamble but feel the urge to and do so anyway, finding money in the aforementioned sources. This is when gambling sits in an addicted player’s mind and is their constant companion. It builds into an urge that some addicts will fight while others do not, and it still leads to the casino or online casino.

If you notice these signs about you and your gambling habits, or if someone you know exhibits these signs, it is a good indicator that they have an addiction to gambling.

If you notice these signs about yourself, seek help. If you notice these signs in a friend or loved one, talk to them about their gambling, but be prepared to have your concern met harshly—addicts do not always like to admit that they have a problem.

However hard it is to admit that a person has a gambling addiction, it must be acknowledge so that help can be sought.

Online Blackjack News: Player Jailed in Ireland

How far will you go to play online blackjack? Seems some blackjack players will go to great lengths, but a lot of people cease calling them players and call them addicts.

Such is the case with Eamonn McGirr that I saw in my online blackjack news this morning. McGirr has been ordered to serve twenty months in prison and another twelve months on probation for his online blackjack and online gambling addiction.

Why prison? Are they that harsh about gambling in Ireland?

No, they are not as long as you are playing and gambling responsibly. That means not embezzling your employer for the U.S. equivalent of $500,000 over two years.

But the embezzled $500,000 is not all that McGirr has stacked up, although the embezzled money is his only illegal action. Everything else is just pure debt—and I do mean debt: overdrafts on his two bank accounts, a loan for the U.S, equivalent of $6,400 from a credit union, and finally maxing out five credit cards. All on gambling.

I have two responses to this: one about something the judge said and another on online gambling in general.

The judge of the McGirr case was concerned about how a person could gamble away such enormous amounts of money without being checked, and that online gambling companies should take a “look at how they did business.”

First off, it is not the online casinos’ fault that the man got himself jailed. They are a business. They are there to make money. If this judge is saying that online casinos should be called to task because players gamble away too much, then what about all of the designer fashions and expensive electronics and cars that people will put themselves into debt for?

If the judge’s concern is people being wooed into spending more than they reasonably should because of how a company advertises and does business, then all the companies that lure people into racking up debt on credit cards should be put out of business. Shame on them for offering products that cost more than what we are paid. Let’s go back to farming and trading chickens and wearing loincloths—perhaps that is living within our means.

Then there is my response to online gambling. Obviously not every single player puts themselves into debt to play online blackjack and other online casino games.

But there are players who do become addicted to online gambling, and it can be a very serious problem. As McGirr showed us it is possible to hide the problem until someone else catches on that a friend or loved one is addicted. Sometimes the player him or herself knows they are addicted.

This afternoon I will talk about addiction to online gambling.