Clue to a Safe Place to Play Blackjack

The last couple of days I have been discussing things to not look for and things that you should look for in an online casino where you are thinking about playing online blackjack. You do want a safe place and a fair place to play online blackjack right?

Of course you do! Who would not? No one. But how can you even possibly know if an online casino is safe or fair? Sure you could ask their customer support staff, but I am pretty sure they are not going to say that their online casino is not a safe or fair place to play. Customer Support is likely to be a tad bit biased. But fear not, there is another unbiased way to tell.

There is an auditing body known as eCOGRA and they are the most well-regarded auditor of online casinos and online casino game software developers in the industry. They are also unbiased.

The group eCOGRA was formed back in 2003 when a group of online casinos—competitors to each other mind you—and decided that there needed to be some sort of body that would be unbiased and would serve as a guide for online casinos in terms of responsible gaming practices, unbiased dispute resolution, fair standards in their games, timely and fair payouts and a strong customer support team. And so eCOGRA was formed.

Now eCOGRA does not answer to any of the online casinos that had a hand in its formation, nor do they accept any sort of funds from those online casinos; this is important to maintain the unbiased standpoint and reputation that eCOGRA has.

When eCOGRA reviews a potential online casino for their approval, they will check the casino for the points mentioned above. They will also periodically check in and audit the online casinos that do have their approval. Of the hundreds of online casinos out there on the web, only 145 have the eCOGRA “Fair and Safe” approval seal, which is the most sought after seal in the industry.

Players who are looking for a secure place to play online blackjack should look at the bottom of the online casino’s main page for their seals. If they are approved and have met eCOGRA’s standards they will have the “Fair and Safe” eCOGRA seal.