Blackjack Hero Relaunch

After many years, we’ve decided to bring back the original Blackjack Hero guide and Blackjack Hero Blog. The blog itself has over 600 articles related to the game. Many of these are “timeless” meaning they are just as useful today as they were a few years ago and will still be useful even 100 years from now because it’s based on the mathematics of the game.

We’ve updated the design of Blackjack Hero and the blog, which are now “mobile friendly”. This means you can use our site on the go using a mobile device such as an iPhone or other cellphone, iPad, tablet or any other device!

We recommend using the search box on the left side of this page to find articles related to the topic you are looking for. We recommend also viewing our homepage as well to read the general guides, basic strategy guide, card counting systems and player biographies.

The casinos listed on Blackjack Hero are only the most trusted available, only those who have been giving the blessings and good reviews from Casino Meister. Casino Meister is known in the online gambling industry for checking casinos to make sure they are safe and they point out the bad ones as well. We only display the safest casinos, yet the most popular ones for blackjack. All casinos listed here are US-friendly, so players based in the US can deposit money using a credit card and simply play!