Why Should Anyone Play 99 Cents Blackjack?

When asking people why they wanted to learn how to play blackjack, they tell me that they wanted to win money at the casino and they heard that they could win money playing blackjack.

Logical enough answer considering that blackjack has one of the lowest house edges in the casino. But if a player wants to win money, why play in an online blackjack tournament that only costs 99 cents to enter? Obviously the prize pool is not going to be all that high, so why bother?

Simply put, tournament play in blackjack is handled a bit different than when playing solo. What other players are doing is a big factor. The point is not to only beat the dealer, but to beat the players who are ahead of you. This often means being more aggressive in your blackjack playing. Wagering more then you normally would. In other times it means playing defensively if you are trying to keep on top.

Because of the high likelihood of playing in a different manner it means that practice is necessary. Unfortunately there is no free play mode to practice playing in a blackjack tournament. It means actually playing in a blackjack tournament again and again until you have your tournament feet under you.

This is where 99 cents blackjack tournaments come into play. True they do not offer much in terms of prize pools. But they do give players an inexpensive opportunity to practice playing in an online blackjack tournament.

Every online blackjack tournament gives players a tournament balance for paying their entry fee. It is the entry fee that is the investment. And if you are getting your feet wet in online blackjack tournament play paying 99 cents is better than investing $10 when you are still learning.

Several online casinos offer 99 cents blackjack tournaments, Online Vegas among them. The tournaments are found at several Vegas Technology powered online casinos.

Getting Your Blackjack Tournament Fix On!

Unfortunately for all of us online blackjack players, a good strong online blackjack tournament just does not happen as often as it should. And by ‘should’ I mean there should be a biggie at least once a month. Look at what online casinos do for slots tournaments—most have a fairly large tournament every weekend and when a holiday rolls in, forget it! Huge, massive prize pools…all for online slots.

And we all know that online blackjack gives way better odds than online slots, and that hosting so many big tournaments is the online casinos’ way of cashing in. But would it really hurt them to do a big online blackjack tournament once a month?

Anyway there is a way to get your online blackjack tournament fix on while waiting for the occasional big tournament. The prize pools are only the pot and these are only twenty four hour tournaments, but Online Vegas hosts three online blackjack tournaments each week on every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

These are pretty simple tournaments. They begin at 8 pm on those three days and run for twenty four hours. There is no set prize amount, only the pool; so the more people who play the bigger the pool is. And we get all of that for only a 99 cents entry fee.

Yes, 99 cents is all it takes to get your online blackjack tournament fix—or even work on some tournament strategy. The entry fee gives you fifty tournament credits to play with, although rebuys are available for $2.49.

Players who want to get their online blackjack tournament fix on for 99 cents can head over to Online Vegas and register. With them being offered three days a week for only 99 cents each, it really is not too bad of a way to get your blackjack tournament fix.

Some More Differences Between Blackjack and Tournament Blackjack

A couple of weeks ago I began to discuss differences between playing blackjack normally in a casino and playing blackjack in a tournament. While the biggest difference is that you are playing against other players rather than the just the dealer—that the plays they make do impact yours in a tournament—it is not the only difference.

One of the more positive differences between blackjack and tournament blackjack has to do with the monetary risk. Depending on the cost of entry into a blackjack tournament, you might actually be less at risk in terms of money in a tournament than you would at the blackjack table.

In a single night at the blackjack tables there is no limit to the amount of money that you could lose should the cards not be with you or should your strategy not work well. The limit of loss is determined by how much you tell yourself you are willing to lose and if you can stand by that limit.

In a blackjack tournament the only real money that you have put on the line is your entry fee. Tournament blackjack is played with tournament chips. Each player is given the same amount in chips for the tournament. Players can then win more chips from the dealer or lose them to the dealer. Whoever has the most chips at the end is the winner.

Based on tournament playing, it is perfectly conceivable to pay only $100 to buy into a blackjack tournament, and then win several thousand dollars. Trying to accomplish the same amount of winnings in regular blackjack play with only $100 for a blackjack bankroll would be a lot harder and would take significantly more time.

Furthermore if you lose in a blackjack tournament, you are only out the amount of your buy in. But you could possibly, or, depending on your skill, even more likely, to lose more money in regular blackjack play than in a blackjack tournament.

99 Cents for Online Blackjack

No, this is not too good to be true. There really is such a thing as dishing out 99 cents for some online blackjack.

Now this is not ordinary online blackjack. This is an online blackjack tournament, but there is nothing wrong with that. It gets you some fun tournament action without making any major investments. These are also good tournaments for players who are just moving into the online blackjack tournament arena.

These 99 cents online blackjack tournaments happen every Monday, Wednesday and Friday starting at 8 pm. Each online blackjack tournament will last for twenty four hours, ending at 8 pm the day following its starting day. So a tournament that begins on a Friday will end on a Saturday.

The entry fee is only 99 cents. That much should be obvious. And players start out with $50 in tournament credits. Players can purchase rebuys for $2.49 each if they fall below the $25 mark on their tournament balance. A rebuy will give players another $125 in tournament money to continue playing with.

The 99 cent blackjack tournament series at Online Vegas will payout the prize pool made up of the pot to the top 41 players. So if you find yourself in a tournament with less than 41 players, there is a good chance you will win something. How much depends on how well you play of course.

One more thing about the 99 cent online blackjack tournaments at Online Vegas: they alternate which type of blackjack game is used between Vegas Strip and Perfect Pairs. Tomorrow’s tournament will be played out in Vegas Strip. So this also means that Monday’s game will be played out in Perfect Pairs. Between you and me, I would stick with the tournaments played out in Vegas Strip—much better odds than Perfect Pairs.

Blackjack vs. Tournament Blackjack

If you think that playing in a blackjack tournament is no different than playing blackjack on any night of the week at a casino, you would be wrong. Tournament blackjack has some other considerations for one reason: you are playing to beat the other players.

I know, that sounds like it goes against all things blackjack, against the core concept of blackjack. And I can see how you would think that. Blackjack is the casino game in which you are playing one on one against the dealer; you could not give a fig about the other players because what they do has no impact on you and your game. You always hope that the dealer loses since you profit from beating him.

In tournament blackjack you are playing against the other players for a shot at the grand prize. Yes, there is a dealer and yes, you have to beat him in order to win chips. But at the end of the tournament it is the player with the most chips who wins even if you won more individual hands than he did.

That is the core point behind tournament blackjack: you have to beat the dealer to wind up with more chips than everyone else in the tournament. It is here that how the other players play out their hands and how they wager becomes important, so you had better give a fig.

Strategy for tournament blackjack will vary from some from the strategy you use in ordinary blackjack. This is because an increased skill level is necessary for you to beat both the dealer and the other players in the tournament. Tomorrow we will look a little more closely at some basic strategy points for tournament blackjack.

Online Blackjack Tournaments for Vegas Technology Online Casinos

One of the online casino groups that is powered by Vegas Technology will be running online blackjack tournaments this week. One is already in progress and the other will be beginning this weekend. The online casino group is the English Harbour Group, who owns the title online casino English Harbour, Millionaire Casino and Silver Dollar Casino.

The tournament that is in progress at the moment is the Head2Head. This is the weekly tournament that runs Monday through Thursday that will take players through the week. The Head2Head online blackjack tournament for this week will continue through tomorrow, February 24th, ending at 11:59 pm. Players can register for this tournament by paying the $5 entry fee when registering for the Head2Head. The $5 gives players a starting tournament balance of $100. There are $5 rebuys available which will give players another $100 if they cross the $10 low balance point. At the time of this writing the top prize is set at $176, but the Head2Head is a play for the pot kind of online blackjack tournament—the more players, the bigger the pot.

The Head2Head takes players up to the weekend and the Weekend Blackjack Classic. This online blackjack tournament carries an entry fee of $10 too. That $10 will give players a starting balance of $100 to use in playing towards the $5,000 prize pool, whose top five prizes look like so:

1st place: $2,500
2nd place: $750
3rd place: $250
4th place: $100
5th place: $50

The Weekend Blackjack Classic begins at 12:01 am on Friday, February 25th, and continues through to 11:45 pm on Sunday, February 27th. For any player who plays to the low balance point of $10, rebuys are available for $100, which will give players another $100.

Both the Head2Head and the Weekend Blackjack Classic are played out with the Vegas Strip variation of blackjack.

But here is the good news—well the even better news. The English Harbour group hosts these online blackjack tournaments every week. Players can register at English Harbour, Millionaire Casino or Silver Dollar Casino to play in either of the online blackjack tournaments each week.

Blackjack Tournament No-Nos: Over Betting

While there is a certain amount of luck involved in tournament play, it is not the sole deciding factor in a blackjack tournament. Blackjack tournaments are won on skill, and lost because of poor playing. One such poor way of playing is to over bet when you are in the lead by a good chunk.

What is a good chunk of a lead in a blackjack tournament? Well, let’s say you are playing in a good sized tournament where the excitement is going to be high and the pressure is on. It is in this kind of situation that blackjack tournament mistakes are made. So in this good sized tournament you have $15,000 at the beginning of the final hand and you are in the lead. Everyone else is at $5,000. Naturally they are feeling that all-or-none feeling and are going all in, wagering $5,000. In the excitement you too wager $5,000. Your fear is that if one of them wins you will lose your place as leader and therefore lose the tournament.

Your fear is ill-founded. A player that wagers $5,000, even if they are dealt a natural blackjack is only going to wind up with $7,500. And while losing $5,000 is only going to drop you down to $10,000 and you will still win, wagering $5,000 was unnecessary. All you will win is $5,000 less.

At this point you have such a strong lead with $15,000 that you can get away with wagering the minimum. You are going to win the tournament no matter who wins the round. All you can do at this point is control how much you win—do you win $15,000 or $10,000? Over betting in this situation will impact how much you get to take home as the tournament winner.

Now if the lead you have is still a good-sized lead but is closer to the next player in line, you definitely do not want to over bet. Over betting at that point could cost you the tournament. Say your lead was only $10,000 and you bet $5,000. Losing at this point will cost you everything.

The point of the matter is that you do not want to put your lead at risk in a blackjack tournament. Take a moment to think about how much you have and how much you closest opponents have. Then figure how much money you should be wagering in that final round of a blackjack tournament.

Online Blackjack Tournaments at Silver Dollar

Silver Dollar is an Old West themed online casino with some rather fun graphics and animations. It is a Vegas Technology powered online casino as well, so the Vegas Tech favorites that we have all come to love can be found here as well. But one of the things that Silver Dollar offers that, as an online blackjack fan, I like are the online blackjack tournaments.

I’ve seen a lot of online blackjack tournaments around the online casino circuit, and I have to say that blackjack tournament offerings at Silver Dollar are not that bad, despite the slim pickings. Silver Dollar only offers two types of online blackjack tournaments:

The weekday tournament begins every Monday and ends on Thursday of the same week. Players can buy into the tournament for $5 and rebuy, if necessary, for another $5. Players in the Head2Head blackjack tournament play for the pot, which is split between the top placing players. The player at the top of the leader board receives 40%. After the top placing player receives his or her 40%, the remainder of the pot is then split between the next top nine placing players. The next ranking ten players receive a $10 prize. So the top twenty players receive prizes in this tournament.

The other type of online blackjack tournament offered at Silver Dollar is called the Weekend Blackjack Classic. This tournament picks up where the Head2Head leaves off, starting on a Friday and ending on Sunday of the same week. As you can see, the Head2Head then picks up on the day after the Weekend Blackjack Classic; so there is always some online blackjack tournament action happening at Silver Dollar.

The Weekend Blackjack Classic differs from the Head2Head in that the buy in is $10 with rebuys available. In this tournament there is a guaranteed prize pool of $5,000, with the top placing player receiving $2,500 of it, and the remaining $2,500 being split up between the next 219 ranking players.

There are two blackjack variations that are used in the tournaments at Silver Dollar: Vegas Strip Blackjack and Perfect Pairs. The two are alternated, so that if the Head2Head is being played out with Perfect Pairs, the Weekend Blackjack Classic is played out on Vegas Strip. The next week the variations are switched so that the Head2Head is on Vegas Strip and the Classic is on Perfect Pairs.

Of the two variations, Vegas Strip is the better blackjack game to play as it offers better odds, no side bets to lose extra money on and the dealer checks for blackjack before players make any plays which improves odds for the player—Perfect Pairs does not offer any of that.

If you are looking for some online blackjack tournament action, there is always something happening at Silver Dollar Casino. Just make sure to play in the tournaments that are being played out with Vegas Strip Blackjack.

Online Blackjack Friday

It is Friday and that means it is time for some online blackjack tournament action!

If you have $10 to spare then you can play in the Weekend Blackjack Classic at Millionaire Casino. They host a three day online blackjack tournament that begins on Friday and runs through Sunday. And unlike other online blackjack tournaments, this one has players playing for a piece of a $5,000 prize pool.

But if you are running low on funds there are always the $0.99 online blackjack tournaments at Go Casino. Granted they are not offering a $5,000 prize pool and you will be playing for a percentage of the pot, but at least you do get to play in a tournament. And you know that you have only invested a little should you lose.

Go Casino alternates which type of online blackjack they use for their $0.99 tournaments. This Friday’s online blackjack game of choice is Perfect Pairs. While this is not my favorite blackjack variation, at least you will only have spend $0.99 on the tournament. That, and nothing says that you have to make the side wager.

And that is it. I know, it is not a lot in the way of online blackjack tournaments, certainly nothing compared to the offerings of online slots tournaments on weekends. But I will be glad with what is being offered.

I will not lie, I would love to see more online blackjack tournaments. But I will take what is offered and hope that online casinos will come to understand that online blackjack players like tournaments too. So for now I am grateful for the online blackjack tournaments that Millionaire Casino and Go Casino offer online blackjack players.

Blackjack Tournaments for Almost Nothing

While online casinos will prominently display their list of slots tournaments that they are hosting, it is possible to find online blackjack tournaments. I do not need to say again why blackjack is superior to slots. Actually some of the online blackjack tournaments that are offered are quite nice.

Take for example the online blackjack tournament series being offered by Online Vegas. Every single Monday, Wednesday and Friday players can play in a twenty four hour blackjack tournament for all of $0.99.

Yes, it will cost you one penny less than a dollar to play in one of these blackjack tournaments. Granted you are only playing for a percentage of the pot, but it is better than nothing. And not too shabby when you consider that you are playing for only $0.99 and it is a twenty four hour tournament.

The $0.99 entry fee will get you 50 tournament credits to play with. After that rebuys are $2.49 for another 50 tournament credits.

Each tournament starts at 8 pm on the starting day—meaning 8 pm on a Monday, Wednesday or Friday—and runs through 8 pm of the following day—meaning 8 pm on a Tuesday, Thursday or Saturday respectively.

There is one downside to these online blackjack tournaments. There are two variations of blackjack being used and they are alternated so that one tournament will have one variation and the next will have the other variation. One variation is Vegas Strip, which is just fine and is one of the standard forms of blackjack to play.

However, the other variation is Perfect Pairs. And no variation of blackjack involving side bets should ever be played. And do not tell me that it can be played without making the side bet because the payout for a natural blackjack in Perfect Pairs is not 3-2, making that variation not worth the time or credits.

So if you find yourself looking for something to do on a Monday, Wednesday or Friday night, give the online blackjack tournaments at Online Vegas a try. Or at least the tournaments played out with Vegas Strip Blackjack.