Online Blackjack Tournaments at Silver Dollar

Silver Dollar is an Old West themed online casino with some rather fun graphics and animations. It is a Vegas Technology powered online casino as well, so the Vegas Tech favorites that we have all come to love can be found here as well. But one of the things that Silver Dollar offers that, as an online blackjack fan, I like are the online blackjack tournaments.

I’ve seen a lot of online blackjack tournaments around the online casino circuit, and I have to say that blackjack tournament offerings at Silver Dollar are not that bad, despite the slim pickings. Silver Dollar only offers two types of online blackjack tournaments:

The weekday tournament begins every Monday and ends on Thursday of the same week. Players can buy into the tournament for $5 and rebuy, if necessary, for another $5. Players in the Head2Head blackjack tournament play for the pot, which is split between the top placing players. The player at the top of the leader board receives 40%. After the top placing player receives his or her 40%, the remainder of the pot is then split between the next top nine placing players. The next ranking ten players receive a $10 prize. So the top twenty players receive prizes in this tournament.

The other type of online blackjack tournament offered at Silver Dollar is called the Weekend Blackjack Classic. This tournament picks up where the Head2Head leaves off, starting on a Friday and ending on Sunday of the same week. As you can see, the Head2Head then picks up on the day after the Weekend Blackjack Classic; so there is always some online blackjack tournament action happening at Silver Dollar.

The Weekend Blackjack Classic differs from the Head2Head in that the buy in is $10 with rebuys available. In this tournament there is a guaranteed prize pool of $5,000, with the top placing player receiving $2,500 of it, and the remaining $2,500 being split up between the next 219 ranking players.

There are two blackjack variations that are used in the tournaments at Silver Dollar: Vegas Strip Blackjack and Perfect Pairs. The two are alternated, so that if the Head2Head is being played out with Perfect Pairs, the Weekend Blackjack Classic is played out on Vegas Strip. The next week the variations are switched so that the Head2Head is on Vegas Strip and the Classic is on Perfect Pairs.

Of the two variations, Vegas Strip is the better blackjack game to play as it offers better odds, no side bets to lose extra money on and the dealer checks for blackjack before players make any plays which improves odds for the player—Perfect Pairs does not offer any of that.

If you are looking for some online blackjack tournament action, there is always something happening at Silver Dollar Casino. Just make sure to play in the tournaments that are being played out with Vegas Strip Blackjack.