Some More Differences Between Blackjack and Tournament Blackjack

A couple of weeks ago I began to discuss differences between playing blackjack normally in a casino and playing blackjack in a tournament. While the biggest difference is that you are playing against other players rather than the just the dealer—that the plays they make do impact yours in a tournament—it is not the only difference.

One of the more positive differences between blackjack and tournament blackjack has to do with the monetary risk. Depending on the cost of entry into a blackjack tournament, you might actually be less at risk in terms of money in a tournament than you would at the blackjack table.

In a single night at the blackjack tables there is no limit to the amount of money that you could lose should the cards not be with you or should your strategy not work well. The limit of loss is determined by how much you tell yourself you are willing to lose and if you can stand by that limit.

In a blackjack tournament the only real money that you have put on the line is your entry fee. Tournament blackjack is played with tournament chips. Each player is given the same amount in chips for the tournament. Players can then win more chips from the dealer or lose them to the dealer. Whoever has the most chips at the end is the winner.

Based on tournament playing, it is perfectly conceivable to pay only $100 to buy into a blackjack tournament, and then win several thousand dollars. Trying to accomplish the same amount of winnings in regular blackjack play with only $100 for a blackjack bankroll would be a lot harder and would take significantly more time.

Furthermore if you lose in a blackjack tournament, you are only out the amount of your buy in. But you could possibly, or, depending on your skill, even more likely, to lose more money in regular blackjack play than in a blackjack tournament.

Blackjack vs. Tournament Blackjack

If you think that playing in a blackjack tournament is no different than playing blackjack on any night of the week at a casino, you would be wrong. Tournament blackjack has some other considerations for one reason: you are playing to beat the other players.

I know, that sounds like it goes against all things blackjack, against the core concept of blackjack. And I can see how you would think that. Blackjack is the casino game in which you are playing one on one against the dealer; you could not give a fig about the other players because what they do has no impact on you and your game. You always hope that the dealer loses since you profit from beating him.

In tournament blackjack you are playing against the other players for a shot at the grand prize. Yes, there is a dealer and yes, you have to beat him in order to win chips. But at the end of the tournament it is the player with the most chips who wins even if you won more individual hands than he did.

That is the core point behind tournament blackjack: you have to beat the dealer to wind up with more chips than everyone else in the tournament. It is here that how the other players play out their hands and how they wager becomes important, so you had better give a fig.

Strategy for tournament blackjack will vary from some from the strategy you use in ordinary blackjack. This is because an increased skill level is necessary for you to beat both the dealer and the other players in the tournament. Tomorrow we will look a little more closely at some basic strategy points for tournament blackjack.

Blackjack Tournament No-Nos: Over Betting

While there is a certain amount of luck involved in tournament play, it is not the sole deciding factor in a blackjack tournament. Blackjack tournaments are won on skill, and lost because of poor playing. One such poor way of playing is to over bet when you are in the lead by a good chunk.

What is a good chunk of a lead in a blackjack tournament? Well, let’s say you are playing in a good sized tournament where the excitement is going to be high and the pressure is on. It is in this kind of situation that blackjack tournament mistakes are made. So in this good sized tournament you have $15,000 at the beginning of the final hand and you are in the lead. Everyone else is at $5,000. Naturally they are feeling that all-or-none feeling and are going all in, wagering $5,000. In the excitement you too wager $5,000. Your fear is that if one of them wins you will lose your place as leader and therefore lose the tournament.

Your fear is ill-founded. A player that wagers $5,000, even if they are dealt a natural blackjack is only going to wind up with $7,500. And while losing $5,000 is only going to drop you down to $10,000 and you will still win, wagering $5,000 was unnecessary. All you will win is $5,000 less.

At this point you have such a strong lead with $15,000 that you can get away with wagering the minimum. You are going to win the tournament no matter who wins the round. All you can do at this point is control how much you win—do you win $15,000 or $10,000? Over betting in this situation will impact how much you get to take home as the tournament winner.

Now if the lead you have is still a good-sized lead but is closer to the next player in line, you definitely do not want to over bet. Over betting at that point could cost you the tournament. Say your lead was only $10,000 and you bet $5,000. Losing at this point will cost you everything.

The point of the matter is that you do not want to put your lead at risk in a blackjack tournament. Take a moment to think about how much you have and how much you closest opponents have. Then figure how much money you should be wagering in that final round of a blackjack tournament.

Cake Takes on Online Blackjack Tournaments

I found where 21 Gnet went. Back in May 21 Gnet and Rushmore Casino ended their partnership in regards to blackjack tournaments. This resulted in Rushmore ceasing to offer blackjack tournaments and picking up slots tournaments instead.

But 21 Gnet is not the sort of company that just fades away. And it is true that they have not.

It appears that 21 Gnet has made a partnership with the Cake Network, who is known for primarily dealing with poker. I say primarily because they do offer blackjack, but mostly just as a back burner sort of offering. It is there is you want it.

And 21 Gnet is definitely excited about the partnership. Chief Executive Officer Shane O’Connell said, “Cake has been and continues to be an important player and industry leader and we are thrilled to unite with it. The deal is a perfect fit for us and equally beneficial for Cake. It gives 21 Gnet an extended reach and more capacity and gives Cake a great new form of entertainment to offer their players.”

And what is this new form of online blackjack tournament entertainment? Surely one online blackjack tournament is like any other.

You would be wrong.

The online blackjack tournament format that 21 Gnet offers is a multi player type of format. Rather than having players play against a dealer to earn points to move up a leader board, 21 Gnet’s format pits players against one another in elimination style tournaments.

This sort of online blackjack tournament has the potential to further close the gap in the differences between online blackjack and blackjack found in a brick and mortar casino. It would create online blackjack tournaments that are similar to the tournaments offered in casinos. This might warrant some watching to see where this goes.

Low Cost Blackjack Tournaments

While the world of online casinos is rife with online slots tournaments, there are also online blackjack tournaments as well. It is possible to find tournaments with larger entry fees aimed at players who are serious players.

But what about players who still working on their online blackjack playing skills and who think they are ready to try a tournament—they might not feel up to spending $25 or more to enter a tournament? And what about players who are looking for a competitiveness of a tournament but are looking more to play for fun or for tournament practice? Are there any online blackjack tournaments out there for those such players?

The answer is yes.

Online Vegas offers online blackjack tournaments with only a $0.99 entry fee. Such a tournament is perfect for the novice player who is looking to begin getting their feet wet for tournament play. These tournaments are also perfect for the experienced online blackjack player looking to have a little competitive fun.

These nice little $0.99 online blackjack tournaments are offered at Online Vegas every Monday, Wednesday and Fridays. Each tournament is a twenty four hour tournament, beginning at 8pm on the starting day and ending at 8 pm on the next day.

For the $0.99 entry fee players are given 50 tournament credits to play with for a percentage of the pot. If a player should play through their tournament balance, rebuys are available for $2.49 which will recharge a player’s tournament balance.

There are two types of blackjack games being used in these tournaments and they alternate each time: Vegas Strip and Perfect Pairs. I recommend playing in the Vegas Strip tournaments.

Because these online blackjack tournaments cost so little to enter they are good for players new to playing in tournaments as well as for seasoned players looking for a fun tournament or practice. Online Vegas has done well to offer these online blackjack tournaments.

Microgaming Creates New Online Blackjack Tournaments

Microgaming is known as one of the industry leaders when it comes to online gaming software. They are constantly creating new games and revamping their older games to improve them.

To be honest there is not a lot that can be done to online blackjack games. The game itself does not change. It is not like a slots game that allows for the same type of game to be repackaged in a new colorful package. Online blackjack is online blackjack.

But that does not stop Microgaming from working with this game to give it something new to entire old and new players alike. This time Microgaming has revamped their online blackjack tournaments. There are now four types of online blackjack tournaments for players to play in at Microgaming powered online casinos:

The name says it all on this one. Players must play their best as they have only one chance to get the highest score. There are no add-ons or rebuys for this tournament either. It is literally a one shot chance to get the highest score and win.

This type of online blackjack tournament will allow players add-ons and rebuys as the point is to play again and again to build their scores. As always, the highest score wins. These tournaments will have long time periods to play out to encourage players to play more and more.

This one is a sort of combination of one-shot and extender. Players have one shot to get as high a score as they can, and there are no add-ons or rebuys. But if a player is not satisfied with their score they can play again starting their score over at 0 to try for a higher score.

This is an elimination type of tournament. At the end of each round a number of the players are eliminated from the tournament. This happens at the end of each round until the last round in which the player with the highest score ends.

When Microgaming makes changes to their games, be it new games or revamping an older game, they usually hit their mark and delight players at Microgaming powered online casinos. The new online blackjack tournaments are sure to be a hit.

Online Blackjack vs. the World Cup

Seems like the entire world stage is being devoted to the World Cup. This is especially true in the world of online gambling, where so much news is being taken up by the FIFA World Cup. So it is more World Cup news than online casino news.

However the world of online blackjack will go on. And that is one of the things that I like about online blackjack. It never seems to really change. Sure variations and side bets will pop up and then eventually be replaced by other variations but the core of the game will always be there.

It is one aspect of online blackjack that players like: the game never changes. A hit is always one more card and stiff hands will always make you groan. But it is a constant in the world of casino games.

The good news for players this means that strategy never really changes. And that allows us to practice, practice, practice. The better we are the better our blackjack skills are and the better our shot at winning becomes.

If blackjack changes less and less then online blackjack changes even less. House rules can and do change from time to time but this does not happen in online blackjack. This allows players to become even better acquainted with the game and their strategy, zeroing in on strategy, such as basic strategy, that really gives them a very good shot at lowering the house edge.

So while the world is absorbed in the World Cup frenzy players have the comfort and calm of online blackjack.

And by the way, with people more focused on the World Cup they are in front of their computer less which causes participation in tournaments to drop somewhat. So now is also a good time to check out some online blackjack tournaments.

And go, Spain!

Blackjack Tournament Tips—Catching the Table Leader

Most of the time blackjack players are just fine playing against the dealer. They do not have to worry about what any other blackjack players at the table are doing. They can play out their rounds of blackjack only focusing on their strategy and what the dealer is doing.

But from time to time we like to increase the thrill of our blackjack games. And to do that we usually find ourselves a blackjack tournament. In a blackjack tournament we have to take what the other players at the table are doing, most particularly what they are betting.

And that brings me to my first blackjack tournament tip.

If you are trying to catch up to the table leader you are obviously going to have to increase the amount of your wager. But how? Do you increase it by a large amount in one or two rounds? Or do you increase by a moderate amount over several hands?

The thing to keep in mind is that, while blackjack players are used to not paying attention overly much to each other in a normal game, they are watching each other like hawks in a tournament game. Only the player with the largest bankroll will go on to the next round. Tournament games are highly competitive.

So considering how competitive blackjack tournament games are your best bet, no pun intended, is to do a couple of large increases over one or two rounds to try catching up to the table leader. Betting moderate amounts may not allow you to catch up to him, especially if he is betting higher than you to try to keep his lead.

Blackjack tournaments are sometimes played to a certain number of rounds. Do not waste rounds trying to catch up with moderately increased bets. You are more than likely not going to catch up, much less overtake him.

Blackjack is a gambling game. There is risk involved in a regular game, but in a tournament there is a feeling of even more risk—even if you are playing with nonnegotiable tournament chips and not your actual money—simply because it is not only about betting the dealer.

A blackjack tournament game is about having the highest bankroll. It is that heightened sense of competition that makes tournaments feel more risky. With that in mind, use larger wager increases to try to catch up to the table leader.

Rushmore-No More Blackjack Tournaments

A good many online blackjack players like Rushmore Casino. Not only are they a reputable online casino with a high payout percentage (it’s 98.1% by the way), they like online blackjack players.

Rushmore offers blackjack players their own special bonus. But they also offer players some great online blackjack tournaments. Or they used to anyway.

Not only is Rushmore losing their blackjack tournaments, but its sister online casinos, Cherry Red Casino, Slots Oasis Casino and Pure Vegas Casino, will also be losing their blackjack tournaments as well. But of these four online casinos, Rushmore is the biggest and the most well-known for offering a superior gaming experience.

This actually doesn’t have to do with a decision made by Rushmore. This decision is actually thanks to Real Time Gaming and 21 Gnet. Rushmore is powered by a Real Time Gaming Platform, which is who creates and manufactures Rushmore’s games. But the blackjack tournament system is powered by 21 Gnet. But as of April 8th, Real Time and 21 Gnet quit working together.

This is a loss for blackjack players. There are a good many online casinos out there that are aimed at slots players, but not nearly as many aimed at blackjack. Online casinos like Rushmore were a major coup for online blackjack players because we had a place to play that had us in mind.

Such online casinos made a sure we had bonuses and tournaments. Now with the blackjack tournaments being nixed from Rushmore, blackjack players will have to find regular online casinos to play in. Such a loss to Rushmore.