Low Cost Blackjack Tournaments

While the world of online casinos is rife with online slots tournaments, there are also online blackjack tournaments as well. It is possible to find tournaments with larger entry fees aimed at players who are serious players.

But what about players who still working on their online blackjack playing skills and who think they are ready to try a tournament—they might not feel up to spending $25 or more to enter a tournament? And what about players who are looking for a competitiveness of a tournament but are looking more to play for fun or for tournament practice? Are there any online blackjack tournaments out there for those such players?

The answer is yes.

Online Vegas offers online blackjack tournaments with only a $0.99 entry fee. Such a tournament is perfect for the novice player who is looking to begin getting their feet wet for tournament play. These tournaments are also perfect for the experienced online blackjack player looking to have a little competitive fun.

These nice little $0.99 online blackjack tournaments are offered at Online Vegas every Monday, Wednesday and Fridays. Each tournament is a twenty four hour tournament, beginning at 8pm on the starting day and ending at 8 pm on the next day.

For the $0.99 entry fee players are given 50 tournament credits to play with for a percentage of the pot. If a player should play through their tournament balance, rebuys are available for $2.49 which will recharge a player’s tournament balance.

There are two types of blackjack games being used in these tournaments and they alternate each time: Vegas Strip and Perfect Pairs. I recommend playing in the Vegas Strip tournaments.

Because these online blackjack tournaments cost so little to enter they are good for players new to playing in tournaments as well as for seasoned players looking for a fun tournament or practice. Online Vegas has done well to offer these online blackjack tournaments.