Hard Hands in Blackjack

In the game of blackjack there are three types of hands: hard hands, soft hands and pairs. Each of these types of blackjack hands has a different type of strategy. This is because each type of hand has something about it that makes it different.

Hence, different types.

Moving on, we are going to look at hard hands and blackjack strategy for hard hands today.

In blackjack, hard hands are the most basic of hands. The two cards that make them up are not worth the same value each and neither card has a flexible value. Because of those simple little facts, hard hands are the easiest hands to play…most of the time.

They are easy to play and are often the first hands novice players learn strategy for because there are no special tricks available for them. You can hit, stand of double down on them. All you need to do as the player is decide if your hand total is low enough to hit or high enough to stand.

As a rule of thumb, a hard hand of 17 or higher and players will stand. It is too high to hit safely, and other than the hard 17, stand a fair chance of beating the dealer.

Some of hard 9s, hard 10s and hard 11s can be doubled down on. This allows players to make twice the amount in winnings off of one hand than they would without doubling down.

While many new blackjack players who are just starting out will not bother overly much with strategy, these hands thankfully are not too hard to play. The majority of them can be played with common sense.

However for the player who wants to get the most out of his hard hands and to begin building his blackjack strategy and skills, the best recourse is to check out basic strategy. This is a chart that gives the best statistical play to make for each hand against each dealer’s up card. Playing each hand according to basic strategy can lower the house edge to 0.5%. This takes the guess work out of deciding how to play your hard hands in blackjack.

Oh, and one more benefit—it is legal to use in casinos. Now take it to the blackjack table and use it for your hard hands.