Cake Takes on Online Blackjack Tournaments

I found where 21 Gnet went. Back in May 21 Gnet and Rushmore Casino ended their partnership in regards to blackjack tournaments. This resulted in Rushmore ceasing to offer blackjack tournaments and picking up slots tournaments instead.

But 21 Gnet is not the sort of company that just fades away. And it is true that they have not.

It appears that 21 Gnet has made a partnership with the Cake Network, who is known for primarily dealing with poker. I say primarily because they do offer blackjack, but mostly just as a back burner sort of offering. It is there is you want it.

And 21 Gnet is definitely excited about the partnership. Chief Executive Officer Shane O’Connell said, “Cake has been and continues to be an important player and industry leader and we are thrilled to unite with it. The deal is a perfect fit for us and equally beneficial for Cake. It gives 21 Gnet an extended reach and more capacity and gives Cake a great new form of entertainment to offer their players.”

And what is this new form of online blackjack tournament entertainment? Surely one online blackjack tournament is like any other.

You would be wrong.

The online blackjack tournament format that 21 Gnet offers is a multi player type of format. Rather than having players play against a dealer to earn points to move up a leader board, 21 Gnet’s format pits players against one another in elimination style tournaments.

This sort of online blackjack tournament has the potential to further close the gap in the differences between online blackjack and blackjack found in a brick and mortar casino. It would create online blackjack tournaments that are similar to the tournaments offered in casinos. This might warrant some watching to see where this goes.