Blackjack Dealer Charged with Fraud

So it came up in the casino and blackjack news that a dealer in Minnesota was arrested and charged for committing fraud at the Mystic Lake casino he worked at.

Over the course of two weeks at the end of July and the beginning of August more than $18,500 was paid out to three people involved in the scam.

The dealer in question, Jacob Edwin Christensen, was paying those three players, his friend from high school, his landlord’s daughter and a woman he thought was ‘good looking,’ money on hands that they lost at the blackjack table, and did not collect their wagers when they lost.

His blackjack fraud was noticed on August 2nd. Casino staff noticed that Christensen was paying lost hands and not collecting wagers. That day alone $3,875 was made in the scam. When casino staff had reviewed the security tape and confirmed what they had suspected they called the police in.

Police and staff removed the errant blackjack dealer and his accomplice, which turned out to be the friend from high school, from the floor.

Police and casino staff reviewed security tapes from the previous two weeks featuring Christensen. Between the statement of the dealer’s friend and the tapes, it was learned that Christensen’s other two accomplices were his landlord’s daughter and the woman he thought was ‘good looking.’

Of all of the money taken from the casino in the scam, $9,500 was received by the land lord’s daughter over multiple days. The ‘good-looking’ woman received $5,075.

Now the former blackjack dealer’s high school friend had received $3,875 by the time he was caught along with the dealer. However, he paid back $1,825 in chips when he realized the scam was wrong. He also identified who the other two accomplices were.

Christensen was charged with theft by swindle and gambling fraud. Both are felonies

The lesson here, blackjack players, is that while accepting a pay out that the dealer mistakenly paid you is one thing. Accepting multiple mistaken payouts is another entirely, and that can get you in trouble with the law. If a blackjack dealer keeps giving you payouts you know you are not supposed to receive, give the wager back and point out the mistake to the dealer. If he continues to keep paying you wrong, notify the pit boss. See, there are game lessons even in blackjack news.