Online Blackjack Bonuses at WinPalace

Looking for an online blackjack bonus? Well WinPalace is worth checking out. Not only do they offer a nice BlackJack Bonus as an exclusive welcome to online blackjack players, but they also offer some decent weekly bonuses meant for table games players—and that would be all you online blackjack players.

First let’s check out the BlackJack Bonus. This is a special bonus that online blackjack players can only game with their first deposit. Claiming this bonus with your first deposit will open up the opportunity to claim it up to nine more times. The BlackJack Bonus is for a 100% bonus worth up to $500. But if you do not claim this bonus with your first deposit it is gone. Players must turn in the claim code WINBJ with their first deposit. They can use that claim code up to nine more time. There is a wager requirement of 25 xs before players can cash in on any winnings earned with this bonus. Again, this is an online blackjack bonus so only Blackjack and Perfect Pairs will fulfill this wager requirement. But to make it a little easier on players, Texas Hold’em Bonus Poker, Multi Hand Video Poker and Video Poker can also be played to meet this wager requirement.

But once an online blackjack player has used up their BlackJack Bonus welcomes to WinPalace they should not worry that the bonuses are over. Because they are not done. Each week WinPalace offers four online table game bonuses that online blackjack players can take advantage of. Here is the rundown of this week’s four bonuses:

-Deposits of any amount and receive a 110% deposit with the claim code RAKE1.

-For players who deposit a minimum of $100, there is a 150% bonus with the claim code RAKE2.

-Those who deposit $200 or more can take advantage of a 200% bonus when turning in the claim code RAKE3.

-For the high rolling players who deposit a minimum of $325, there is a 240% bonus with your name on it. Turn in the claim code RAKE4 to receive it.

For this week’s weekly online table games bonus, online blackjack players can claim these bonuses up to forty times. But be advised that each bonus carries a wager requirement of 30 xs before any winnings can be withdrawn. The best part for online blackjack players is that the same games that fulfill the wager requirement for the BlackJack Bonus.

This is just a testament to what WinPalace has to offer their online blackjack players. Weekly bonuses change to keep things exciting. Other promotion, bonuses and special offers are routinely offered as well. For WinPalace it is all about taking care of their players.

Casino Titan Offers Two Welcome Bonuses

New online blackjack players at Casino Titan will be pleasantly surprised by what this Real Time Gaming powered online casino is offering new players. There are two bonuses for them to partake of, and one of them does not even require a deposit.

For starters there is the Free Sign Up Bonus. This Welcome Bonus gives new players at Casino Titan $7 with no deposit necessary. All a new player need do is download the casino’s free software, make a real player account and then contact the customer support staff to receive their free $7. That $7 can be used on a select list of online casinos games, and thankfully online blackjack is one of them. This will allow new players to take Casino Titan’s online blackjack games—except for Perfect Pairs—for a ride before depositing any money.

There are naturally a few restrictions on this Free Sign Up Bonus. First off there is a wager requirement that must be fulfilled before online blackjack players can make a withdrawal. That is right, even if you have not deposited so much as a penny, you can still withdraw your winnings made from this free $7. However, you must fulfill the 50 xs wager requirement; $7 times 50 makes the wager requirement amount $350.

Now on to the Welcome Bonus. The Welcome Bonus, my dear online blackjack players, if worth a maximum of $3,000 spread out over four bonuses:

1st deposit: 400% worth up to $1,000 (ELECTRIC400)
2nd deposit: 300% worth up to $900 (TITAN300)
3rd deposit: 200% worth up to $600 (WELCOME200)
4th deposit: 100% worth up to $500 (PACKAGE100)

Add those maximums up and you have the potential for $3,000 in bonus money. Now it does not mean that you have to deposit enough to get the maximum each time. It is important to only deposit what is within your means.

Players can play Online Blackjack as part of meeting the wager requirement, which is 25 xs per bonus. So keep that in mind when you make your deposits. Players have 45 days to complete the wager requirement; if the requirement is unfulfilled, the bonus and any winnings from the bonus will be removed from the player’s account.

On the whole, online blackjack players, these are some good offers for getting started at an online casino. Casino Titan also offers Happy Hour bonuses, weekly bonuses as well as a players reward club.

Blackjack Players, When in Rome…

When in Rome do as the Romans do right? Well if in Rome they are enjoying blackjack aimed bonuses, that means to enjoy them too right? Right!

Well over at the online casino Rome Casino there are several bonuses that are good for those playing table games and that means that all of you online blackjack players can take advantage of them too.

First up part of the Weekend Warrior bonus specials include an unlimited 15% cash back for table game players. This means that you can get 15% of your losses back in a cash back from playing online blackjack. Not a bad offer for kicking back on the weekends and playing.

Playing during the week? Not to worry, online blackjack players, there are weekday bonuses for you to take advantage of during the week too. They are coming to you from the Weekday Labor bonuses. Online blackjack players can either take advantage of various deposit bonuses with different percentages (check in with Rome Casino each week to see what is offered), or online blackjack players can take advantage of the same unlimited 15% cash back that is available to you on the weekends.

Looking for something that is only available to a smaller crowd? Copia’s Cash Back Bonus is only available to online blackjack, roulette and video poker players. And that is a pretty small crowd considering that it is not available for online slots or online poker players. This special bonus is for a 25% cash back. Nice chunk of money there.

There are also special weekly bonuses in addition to the Weekday Labor bonuses for players to check back for. Rome Casino certainly likes to take care of their ‘Romans’ who are playing online blackjack with all those cash back opportunities.

Online Blackjack Bonuses at Win Palace

I love bonuses. Bonus dessert, bonus savings, bonus anything. But when it comes to online blackjack, I love bonus money. There are a couple of bonuses for online blackjack players at Win Palace that have struck my fancy.

First there is the Welcome Bonus for Blackjack. Win Palace does offer a standard Welcome Bonus but it is aimed dominantly at online slots. Thankfully they created an online blackjack bonus. Starting with a new player’s first deposit, a 100% deposit match bonus worth up to $500 can be awarded. That deposit can be claimed ten times, which is a total maximum amount of $5,000. The bonus coupon WINBJ must be turned in before making any of those bonuses though.

After new players are done claiming their ten Welcome Bonuses for Blackjack they can hope on board for the weekly bonuses at Win Palace. Win Palace will theme their weekly bonuses to jazz them up and make them a little more fun. There is one bonus for online slots and another for table games—naming online blackjack. Here is the current week’s rundown of online blackjack bonuses:

Any deposit gets 110% (BETS1)
A deposit of $100 or more gets a 152% bonus (BETS2)
Deposit $200 or more and receive a 200% bonus (BETS3)
Deposits of $350 or more get a 240% bonus (BETS4)

Any of those bonus coupon codes can be used during the week, up to 40 xs. Coupon codes have to be turned in before making the deposit. Turning them in after will not get you your bonus. Also all bonuses have a wager requirement of 30 xs. Add together your deposit and your bonus money and there is the amount for the wager requirement. Naturally you can play online blackjack to meet that wager requirement.

Win Palace is lively with their weekly bonuses and it is worth checking back with them.

Player Rewards for Blackjack

When playing blackjack online, it is often beneficial to take advantage of the online casino’s player rewards program. These programs are designed to reward players for playing their favorite casino game, in this case, online blackjack.

Over at Silver Dollar they offer the Lone Star Club in addition to their Six Shooter Welcome Bonus. Players start out at the Amber level and can play their way up through six levels to the Diamond level. Each level offers special bonuses for players at that level. Players progress to higher levels by earning points. Different types of points are earned for the different types of casino games. Below I have all six levels and how many points players receive at that level for each $100 wagered on online blackjack:

Amber is the beginning of a player’s climb through the Lone Star Club. For every $100 wagered on online blackjack 30 points are awarded. Players are eligible for a 10% bonus on all deposits and three weekly bonuses are given on the first deposits on those days: 75% up $100 on Mondays, 50% up to $100 on Wednesdays and 100% up to $100 on Fridays.

Bronze is the next level, reached when a player has earned 10,000 points; at this level players earn 33 points for every $100 wagered in online blackjack. The deposit bonus is increased to 15% and the weekly bonuses stay the same…for now.

Silver is reached once a player earns 50,000 points. From this level players earn 36 points for every $100 wagered in online blackjack. Again the deposit bonus is increased, this time to 20% and the maximum value on all three weekly bonuses is increased to $250.

Gold is the fourth level, reached at 100,000 points. Now every $100 wagered in blackjack is worth 39 points. Here players see the deposit bonus increased to 25% while the weekly bonuses stay the same as the Silver level ones.

Platinum is attained at 500,000 points. And the points awarded for every $100 wagered on online blackjack is increased to 42 points and the deposit bonus is upped to 30%. Also increased is the maximum a player can receive from the weekly deposit bonuses: $500.

Diamond is the highest level and is finally reached at 1,000,000. That is a lot of online blackjack! But players can still earn points to be used in giveaways or other special promotions. Points are earned at a rate of 45 points per $100 wagered in online blackjack. The deposit bonus maxes out at 35% on all deposits, but the weekly deposits do not change from the Platinum level.

And that is the structure of the Lone Star Club at Silver Dollar. With all of the bonuses, they make it worth your while to play online blackjack with them.

But understand while all new players are enrolled in the Lone Star Club, it is not mandatory. Players who only want to play some online blackjack and not worry about levels and points can contact the customer support team and opt out of the rewards program.

Rushmore-No More Blackjack Tournaments

A good many online blackjack players like Rushmore Casino. Not only are they a reputable online casino with a high payout percentage (it’s 98.1% by the way), they like online blackjack players.

Rushmore offers blackjack players their own special bonus. But they also offer players some great online blackjack tournaments. Or they used to anyway.

Not only is Rushmore losing their blackjack tournaments, but its sister online casinos, Cherry Red Casino, Slots Oasis Casino and Pure Vegas Casino, will also be losing their blackjack tournaments as well. But of these four online casinos, Rushmore is the biggest and the most well-known for offering a superior gaming experience.

This actually doesn’t have to do with a decision made by Rushmore. This decision is actually thanks to Real Time Gaming and 21 Gnet. Rushmore is powered by a Real Time Gaming Platform, which is who creates and manufactures Rushmore’s games. But the blackjack tournament system is powered by 21 Gnet. But as of April 8th, Real Time and 21 Gnet quit working together.

This is a loss for blackjack players. There are a good many online casinos out there that are aimed at slots players, but not nearly as many aimed at blackjack. Online casinos like Rushmore were a major coup for online blackjack players because we had a place to play that had us in mind.

Such online casinos made a sure we had bonuses and tournaments. Now with the blackjack tournaments being nixed from Rushmore, blackjack players will have to find regular online casinos to play in. Such a loss to Rushmore.