Player Rewards for Blackjack

When playing blackjack online, it is often beneficial to take advantage of the online casino’s player rewards program. These programs are designed to reward players for playing their favorite casino game, in this case, online blackjack.

Over at Silver Dollar they offer the Lone Star Club in addition to their Six Shooter Welcome Bonus. Players start out at the Amber level and can play their way up through six levels to the Diamond level. Each level offers special bonuses for players at that level. Players progress to higher levels by earning points. Different types of points are earned for the different types of casino games. Below I have all six levels and how many points players receive at that level for each $100 wagered on online blackjack:

Amber is the beginning of a player’s climb through the Lone Star Club. For every $100 wagered on online blackjack 30 points are awarded. Players are eligible for a 10% bonus on all deposits and three weekly bonuses are given on the first deposits on those days: 75% up $100 on Mondays, 50% up to $100 on Wednesdays and 100% up to $100 on Fridays.

Bronze is the next level, reached when a player has earned 10,000 points; at this level players earn 33 points for every $100 wagered in online blackjack. The deposit bonus is increased to 15% and the weekly bonuses stay the same…for now.

Silver is reached once a player earns 50,000 points. From this level players earn 36 points for every $100 wagered in online blackjack. Again the deposit bonus is increased, this time to 20% and the maximum value on all three weekly bonuses is increased to $250.

Gold is the fourth level, reached at 100,000 points. Now every $100 wagered in blackjack is worth 39 points. Here players see the deposit bonus increased to 25% while the weekly bonuses stay the same as the Silver level ones.

Platinum is attained at 500,000 points. And the points awarded for every $100 wagered on online blackjack is increased to 42 points and the deposit bonus is upped to 30%. Also increased is the maximum a player can receive from the weekly deposit bonuses: $500.

Diamond is the highest level and is finally reached at 1,000,000. That is a lot of online blackjack! But players can still earn points to be used in giveaways or other special promotions. Points are earned at a rate of 45 points per $100 wagered in online blackjack. The deposit bonus maxes out at 35% on all deposits, but the weekly deposits do not change from the Platinum level.

And that is the structure of the Lone Star Club at Silver Dollar. With all of the bonuses, they make it worth your while to play online blackjack with them.

But understand while all new players are enrolled in the Lone Star Club, it is not mandatory. Players who only want to play some online blackjack and not worry about levels and points can contact the customer support team and opt out of the rewards program.