Getting Your Blackjack Tournament Fix On!

Unfortunately for all of us online blackjack players, a good strong online blackjack tournament just does not happen as often as it should. And by ‘should’ I mean there should be a biggie at least once a month. Look at what online casinos do for slots tournaments—most have a fairly large tournament every weekend and when a holiday rolls in, forget it! Huge, massive prize pools…all for online slots.

And we all know that online blackjack gives way better odds than online slots, and that hosting so many big tournaments is the online casinos’ way of cashing in. But would it really hurt them to do a big online blackjack tournament once a month?

Anyway there is a way to get your online blackjack tournament fix on while waiting for the occasional big tournament. The prize pools are only the pot and these are only twenty four hour tournaments, but Online Vegas hosts three online blackjack tournaments each week on every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

These are pretty simple tournaments. They begin at 8 pm on those three days and run for twenty four hours. There is no set prize amount, only the pool; so the more people who play the bigger the pool is. And we get all of that for only a 99 cents entry fee.

Yes, 99 cents is all it takes to get your online blackjack tournament fix—or even work on some tournament strategy. The entry fee gives you fifty tournament credits to play with, although rebuys are available for $2.49.

Players who want to get their online blackjack tournament fix on for 99 cents can head over to Online Vegas and register. With them being offered three days a week for only 99 cents each, it really is not too bad of a way to get your blackjack tournament fix.