Basic Rules of Blackjack Changing!

International gaming big wigs have met and it has been decided to change the very way the game is played. I am not talking about a variation here—I am talking about the basic rules of standard blackjack. This change will filter down through to the various blackjack variations, yes; the change in rules is not in itself to be a variation.

For starters, and this is a biggie, the objective is no longer to beat the dealer without going over 21. Now players cannot go over 20. That is right. The objective is to now beat the dealer without going over 20. This will completely change blackjack strategies, especially basic strategy. But on the upside there will no longer be any doubt on how to play a pair of 10s—do not split.

Now for the other change made to the basics of blackjack.

When taking insurance players must place their index finger on the tip of their nose. This is to enable the dealer to better remember and recognize which players have taken insurance. Blackjack can be a fast-paced casino game, and dealers are human and can make mistakes. Casinos wish to cut down on those mistakes hence the finger on the nose rule.

Personally I think the finger on the nose is a good new rule for blackjack. It will let us all know who is enough of a booby to take insurance in blackjack when we all know that it is a play that is meant to favor the house. And furthermore—okay this was all a joke. Happy April Fool’s Day!