Online Blackjack Friday

It is Friday and that means it is time for some online blackjack tournament action!

If you have $10 to spare then you can play in the Weekend Blackjack Classic at Millionaire Casino. They host a three day online blackjack tournament that begins on Friday and runs through Sunday. And unlike other online blackjack tournaments, this one has players playing for a piece of a $5,000 prize pool.

But if you are running low on funds there are always the $0.99 online blackjack tournaments at Go Casino. Granted they are not offering a $5,000 prize pool and you will be playing for a percentage of the pot, but at least you do get to play in a tournament. And you know that you have only invested a little should you lose.

Go Casino alternates which type of online blackjack they use for their $0.99 tournaments. This Friday’s online blackjack game of choice is Perfect Pairs. While this is not my favorite blackjack variation, at least you will only have spend $0.99 on the tournament. That, and nothing says that you have to make the side wager.

And that is it. I know, it is not a lot in the way of online blackjack tournaments, certainly nothing compared to the offerings of online slots tournaments on weekends. But I will be glad with what is being offered.

I will not lie, I would love to see more online blackjack tournaments. But I will take what is offered and hope that online casinos will come to understand that online blackjack players like tournaments too. So for now I am grateful for the online blackjack tournaments that Millionaire Casino and Go Casino offer online blackjack players.