Basics for Blackjack Strategy

Between the news, the blackjack apps and my thoughts on blackjack misconceptions, I have been rather neglectful of blackjack strategy. And we cannot have that now can we?

I figured the best way to jump back into blackjack strategy was to look at the basics again. Even experienced blackjack players should go back and look at the basics. For one thing it never hurts to see where you came from. Who knows, maybe you forgot something. And keeping firm on the basics helps to keep your more advanced strategies solid.

In other life, as I like to put it, I worked in retail and a lot of our training was “Back to Basics.” So either they could not think of any new sales strategies or there really is something to looking back to basic skills. I am putting my money on the latter—it just sounds smarter.

When it comes to the basics for blackjack strategy, the place to start is always with basic strategy. I know, I know, I can hear you saying, “Basic strategy? Again? Really?”

Yes, really.

No blackjack player worth their chips can afford to turn their noses up at such an easy to use strategy that also happens to be one of the most effective in the game. In fact, basic strategy is the single most effective strategy out of all the strategies available to casino games.

Playing perfect basic strategy can lower the house edge to 0.5%, making blackjack the casino game with the lowest house edge. And this strategy is legal to use in casinos and online casinos. You can sit at the table with your little basic strategy chart out playing according to it and not get slapped on the wrist—or worse—by the pit boss.

But that is the beauty about looking back at basics—they can remind us of what the basics of blackjack strategy can do for you and what it continues to do for you.

Oh, and by perfect basic strategy I mean that you have to play every single round according to what the basic strategy chart says. So if it says to double down, you had better double down.