How Go Casino Does Blackjack

Go Casino is one of the highest rated online casinos in the industry. It is certainly one of the most well-known Vegas Technology powered online casinos out there. But how does its blackjack stand up to its overall rating?

When a new player interested in blackjack comes to Go Casino and scopes out their blackjack offerings they will find Perfect Pairs Blackjack, Vegas Strip Blackjack, European Rules Blackjack and Progressive Blackjack.

I know, not a lot of choices here, but in truth Go’s online blackjack offerings are quite nice. For one thing they have Vegas Strip Blackjack, my preferred form of standard blackjack.

The thing I like most about Vegas Strip Blackjack is the fact that when the dealer has a 10 value card or and an Ace up he has to check to see if he has blackjack or not. In a game of blackjack that is not Vegas Strip and does not have a dealer checking for blackjack it costs your blackjack odds 0.11%. The other good thing about the odds in Vegas Strip is that all of its rules considered, it adds 0.37% to your blackjack odds.

Anyway, so Go Casino has Vegas Strip. Which is definitely good.

To help you make the most of your online blackjack playing, Go offers new players a Welcome Bonus worth up to $20,000.

This Welcome Bonus covers a new player’s first twenty deposits. The 1st, 5th, 10th, 15th and 20th deposits have 100% deposit match bonuses on them, while all of the other deposits have a 50% deposit match bonus on them. The first deposit is automatically applied to your player account, but all other deposits have redemption codes that have to be turned into the cashier before you play with the new deposit.

Combining the wagering power from the bonus money found in the Welcome Bonus with the odds found in Vegas Strip Blackjack, Go Casino has actually given online blackjack players a strong shot at winning some real money here. Just make sure you are using your online blackjack strategy so you get the most out of your bonus money.

Atlantic City Online Blackjack

I can understand creating an online blackjack variation named for Atlantic City. After Las Vegas it is the biggest city in the United States for casinos. And we do have an online blackjack variation called Vegas Strip Blackjack, named so for Las Vegas. So I suppose Atlantic City Blackjack does not surprise me now that it has shown up in the online casino world: Atlantic City Blackjack has recently been released by Cyrptologic to some of their partner online casinos.

Now while I am not a fan of blackjack variations, I will admit that Vegas Strip Blackjack is not too bad of a variation. This comes from the fact that the dealer will peek to see if he has blackjack when he has a ten-value card or Ace showing; this increases your blackjack odds since not peeking increases the house’s edge.

There are other rules to Vegas Strip Blackjack that I like, but we need to move on to Atlantic City Blackjack and why it cannot hold a candle to Vegas Strip.

Right off the bat, the first issue with Atlantic City Blackjack is the payout offered for natural blackjacks. It is only offering a 6-5 payout for a natural. This is a problem as it hits your blackjack odds for 1.39%. But the game tries to make it up to you by offering a 2-1 payout for any suited natural blackjacks, meaning that the natural must be made up of a ten-value card and an Ace of the same suit.

Yes, a 2-1 payout on a suited blackjack does offer a boost to your odds: 0.57%. But this is a poor step in trying to make up it up to players for losing so much in odds from the 6-5 payout. There is still a 0.82% difference in odds that does not favor the player.

Most players are uninformed as to just how much payout can affect their blackjack odds. I will talk about that this afternoon. But for now it is best to stay away from Atlantic City Blackjack. It is a shame that Atlantic City has to be associated with this online blackjack game.

What Makes Vegas Strip Blackjack Good

I will admit it. I am a fan of Vegas Strip Blackjack. For those of you that are just now getting into blackjack, this is not some drinking version of blackjack in which you get to take your clothes off. Clothes stay on. Vegas Strip Blackjack is actually one of the most common types of blackjack out there, and it can be found in a great many brick and mortar casinos and in the majority of online casinos.

While the majority of the rules are the same, Vegas strip does have some variations to its rules.

For starters it uses only four decks. While this is not as good as a single deck game, it is a better than the more common six and eight deck blackjack games. Playing with only four decks adds 0.06% to your blackjack odds.

Another good rule is that the dealer must stand on all 17s—including all soft 17s. This saves you from losing 0.22% from your blackjack odds, which is a fairly significant save in odds.

Players can double down on any two cards as opposed to only being able to double down only on 10s and 11s. This opens up the ability to double on some of those hard 9s and soft hands according to your basic strategy chart, and it add 0.23% to your blackjack odds.

And speaking of doubling down, players can double down after splitting; so add another 0.08% to your blackjack odds.

As for splitting, players can split up to three times for a total of four hands, which saves you a loss of 0.10%. Players can also split Aces once, but this saves an odds loss of 0.18%.

Two other rules include a split Ace with a 10 value card is not a blackjack, which is standard. And unlike 10 value cards, like a starting hand of a Queen and 10, can be split.

But one of the best rules is that the dealer will peek to see if he has blackjack if he is showing a ten card or an Ace. I know on the surface this does not seem fair, but it actually save you some money.

Imagine that the dealer has a 10 showing and you have a hard 11. Basic strategy says to double down and so you do, reaching a hand total of 18. The dealer then reveals his hole card to be an Ace; he has a natural and that trumps your doubled down hard 18 causing you to lose twice the amount you normally would have.

In a game of blackjack in which the dealer does not peek on a 10 card or an Ace it hits your blackjack odds for 0.11%.

When you add it all up, Vegas Strip Blackjack adds 0.37% to your blackjack odds and saves you from losing 0.61%. All in all, I think those are some pretty good reasons to seek out Vegas Strip Blackjack in a casino or to play it in an online casino like Go Casino. This is one variation of blackjack that I can be on board with.

Blackjack Tournaments for Almost Nothing

While online casinos will prominently display their list of slots tournaments that they are hosting, it is possible to find online blackjack tournaments. I do not need to say again why blackjack is superior to slots. Actually some of the online blackjack tournaments that are offered are quite nice.

Take for example the online blackjack tournament series being offered by Online Vegas. Every single Monday, Wednesday and Friday players can play in a twenty four hour blackjack tournament for all of $0.99.

Yes, it will cost you one penny less than a dollar to play in one of these blackjack tournaments. Granted you are only playing for a percentage of the pot, but it is better than nothing. And not too shabby when you consider that you are playing for only $0.99 and it is a twenty four hour tournament.

The $0.99 entry fee will get you 50 tournament credits to play with. After that rebuys are $2.49 for another 50 tournament credits.

Each tournament starts at 8 pm on the starting day—meaning 8 pm on a Monday, Wednesday or Friday—and runs through 8 pm of the following day—meaning 8 pm on a Tuesday, Thursday or Saturday respectively.

There is one downside to these online blackjack tournaments. There are two variations of blackjack being used and they are alternated so that one tournament will have one variation and the next will have the other variation. One variation is Vegas Strip, which is just fine and is one of the standard forms of blackjack to play.

However, the other variation is Perfect Pairs. And no variation of blackjack involving side bets should ever be played. And do not tell me that it can be played without making the side bet because the payout for a natural blackjack in Perfect Pairs is not 3-2, making that variation not worth the time or credits.

So if you find yourself looking for something to do on a Monday, Wednesday or Friday night, give the online blackjack tournaments at Online Vegas a try. Or at least the tournaments played out with Vegas Strip Blackjack.