What Makes Vegas Strip Blackjack Good

I will admit it. I am a fan of Vegas Strip Blackjack. For those of you that are just now getting into blackjack, this is not some drinking version of blackjack in which you get to take your clothes off. Clothes stay on. Vegas Strip Blackjack is actually one of the most common types of blackjack out there, and it can be found in a great many brick and mortar casinos and in the majority of online casinos.

While the majority of the rules are the same, Vegas strip does have some variations to its rules.

For starters it uses only four decks. While this is not as good as a single deck game, it is a better than the more common six and eight deck blackjack games. Playing with only four decks adds 0.06% to your blackjack odds.

Another good rule is that the dealer must stand on all 17s—including all soft 17s. This saves you from losing 0.22% from your blackjack odds, which is a fairly significant save in odds.

Players can double down on any two cards as opposed to only being able to double down only on 10s and 11s. This opens up the ability to double on some of those hard 9s and soft hands according to your basic strategy chart, and it add 0.23% to your blackjack odds.

And speaking of doubling down, players can double down after splitting; so add another 0.08% to your blackjack odds.

As for splitting, players can split up to three times for a total of four hands, which saves you a loss of 0.10%. Players can also split Aces once, but this saves an odds loss of 0.18%.

Two other rules include a split Ace with a 10 value card is not a blackjack, which is standard. And unlike 10 value cards, like a starting hand of a Queen and 10, can be split.

But one of the best rules is that the dealer will peek to see if he has blackjack if he is showing a ten card or an Ace. I know on the surface this does not seem fair, but it actually save you some money.

Imagine that the dealer has a 10 showing and you have a hard 11. Basic strategy says to double down and so you do, reaching a hand total of 18. The dealer then reveals his hole card to be an Ace; he has a natural and that trumps your doubled down hard 18 causing you to lose twice the amount you normally would have.

In a game of blackjack in which the dealer does not peek on a 10 card or an Ace it hits your blackjack odds for 0.11%.

When you add it all up, Vegas Strip Blackjack adds 0.37% to your blackjack odds and saves you from losing 0.61%. All in all, I think those are some pretty good reasons to seek out Vegas Strip Blackjack in a casino or to play it in an online casino like Go Casino. This is one variation of blackjack that I can be on board with.