Atlantic City Online Blackjack

I can understand creating an online blackjack variation named for Atlantic City. After Las Vegas it is the biggest city in the United States for casinos. And we do have an online blackjack variation called Vegas Strip Blackjack, named so for Las Vegas. So I suppose Atlantic City Blackjack does not surprise me now that it has shown up in the online casino world: Atlantic City Blackjack has recently been released by Cyrptologic to some of their partner online casinos.

Now while I am not a fan of blackjack variations, I will admit that Vegas Strip Blackjack is not too bad of a variation. This comes from the fact that the dealer will peek to see if he has blackjack when he has a ten-value card or Ace showing; this increases your blackjack odds since not peeking increases the house’s edge.

There are other rules to Vegas Strip Blackjack that I like, but we need to move on to Atlantic City Blackjack and why it cannot hold a candle to Vegas Strip.

Right off the bat, the first issue with Atlantic City Blackjack is the payout offered for natural blackjacks. It is only offering a 6-5 payout for a natural. This is a problem as it hits your blackjack odds for 1.39%. But the game tries to make it up to you by offering a 2-1 payout for any suited natural blackjacks, meaning that the natural must be made up of a ten-value card and an Ace of the same suit.

Yes, a 2-1 payout on a suited blackjack does offer a boost to your odds: 0.57%. But this is a poor step in trying to make up it up to players for losing so much in odds from the 6-5 payout. There is still a 0.82% difference in odds that does not favor the player.

Most players are uninformed as to just how much payout can affect their blackjack odds. I will talk about that this afternoon. But for now it is best to stay away from Atlantic City Blackjack. It is a shame that Atlantic City has to be associated with this online blackjack game.