Blackjack Odds and Blackjack Payouts

This morning I discussed Atlantic City Blackjack and why just its payouts alone make it a bad blackjack variation. The payouts that it carries hurt a player’s blackjack odds. But, one, a good many blackjack players do not know that payout ratios impact their blackjack odds, and, two, they do not know how those payout rations impact their odds—the how and why is not known.

So, one, yes, payout rations impact your blackjack odds.

That was simple enough. But to really understand why you should avoid blackjack games with 6-5 payouts on natural blackjacks you need to see just how payout impacts odds first.

Odds in blackjack—or any casino game for that matter—are based on the player’s opportunity to make money on the game. This is why rules that allow you more opportunities to double down increase your odds while rules that limit your opportunities, such as limiting double downs to hard 9s and hard 10s, decrease your odds.

Following that line of logic, payout ratios that increase the amount of money won off of a natural blackjack will increase your blackjack odds, while those that decrease the amount you win will decease your odds.

A 3-2 payout ratio is normal for blackjack. It is the good old payout that has been a part of the game for as long as anyone can remember.

But there are now 6-5 and 1-1 payout ratios that are becoming increasingly common. Usually these ratios are found only in blackjack variations, but there are some regular, yet single deck blackjack games with a 6-5 payout. That 6-5 payout decreases your blackjack odds by 1.39% and that 1-1 payout will drop your blackjack odds by an alarming 2.27%.

The drops in your blackjack odds come about because you make less money off of the natural blackjacks you receive. There is less opportunity to make money. And with less opportunity your blackjack odds suffer. And payout ratios are not the only way hits to your odds—insurance is also a biggie that can hurt your money making odds. This is why some variations of blackjack should be avoided simply because of the hit you take to your blackjack odds.