How Go Casino Does Blackjack

Go Casino is one of the highest rated online casinos in the industry. It is certainly one of the most well-known Vegas Technology powered online casinos out there. But how does its blackjack stand up to its overall rating?

When a new player interested in blackjack comes to Go Casino and scopes out their blackjack offerings they will find Perfect Pairs Blackjack, Vegas Strip Blackjack, European Rules Blackjack and Progressive Blackjack.

I know, not a lot of choices here, but in truth Go’s online blackjack offerings are quite nice. For one thing they have Vegas Strip Blackjack, my preferred form of standard blackjack.

The thing I like most about Vegas Strip Blackjack is the fact that when the dealer has a 10 value card or and an Ace up he has to check to see if he has blackjack or not. In a game of blackjack that is not Vegas Strip and does not have a dealer checking for blackjack it costs your blackjack odds 0.11%. The other good thing about the odds in Vegas Strip is that all of its rules considered, it adds 0.37% to your blackjack odds.

Anyway, so Go Casino has Vegas Strip. Which is definitely good.

To help you make the most of your online blackjack playing, Go offers new players a Welcome Bonus worth up to $20,000.

This Welcome Bonus covers a new player’s first twenty deposits. The 1st, 5th, 10th, 15th and 20th deposits have 100% deposit match bonuses on them, while all of the other deposits have a 50% deposit match bonus on them. The first deposit is automatically applied to your player account, but all other deposits have redemption codes that have to be turned into the cashier before you play with the new deposit.

Combining the wagering power from the bonus money found in the Welcome Bonus with the odds found in Vegas Strip Blackjack, Go Casino has actually given online blackjack players a strong shot at winning some real money here. Just make sure you are using your online blackjack strategy so you get the most out of your bonus money.