How to Practice Blackjack

This morning I discussed how a new comer to the game could learn how to play blackjack. But once you learn the objective, rules and flow of the game what do you do then?

The next step is to practice playing blackjack. Thankfully we live in the Time of the Internet and the Time of the Online Casino, so this is not a daunting as it would have been, say, fifteen years ago. All you need to is find an online casino that you like and play.

Okay, let me expound on that. When I say play I do not mean depositing money. The majority of reputable online casinos have two ways of playing. One way is the most commonly known way, and that is to create a player account, deposit money to said player account and play online blackjack for real money. The other, lesser known way is to create a player account and play in the Play for Fun mode.

Online casinos do offer free play versions of their software, and the most commonly played casino games can be found in these free play versions. Thankfully blackjack is a popular casino game and it can be found in free play modes.

Online casinos offer free play modes for a few reasons. One, they allow potential real money players to try out their casino software. Two, it allows established real money players a way to try out new games to see if they like them. And three, free play modes are available so that players new or experienced can practice their game and their strategies.

Yes, practicing does not end once you are familiar with the game. Blackjack, if you intend to be good at it and especially if you intend to make money with it, requires continual practice to always be sharp in how to use your strategy. So once you have read the basics, your next step is practice so that you become used to the actual flow of a blackjack game. Tomorrow we will look at introducing strategy to new players.