Introducing Blackjack Strategy to New Players

After you have learned how to play blackjack and have taken some time to practice and become familiar with the feel of the game and are comfortable playing, it is time to introduce blackjack strategy into your game.

New blackjack players should be very thankful. Blackjack offers one of the easiest to use strategies that also happens to be the most effective. This is called basic strategy. And it is so basic to use that even players that are brand new to the game can use it and be successful with it.

Basic strategy’s most common form is a chart. This makes it easy for players to take it along to the casinos. And basic strategy is legal to use in casinos, so take a chart with you to play with.

What this chart gives you is the best statistical play for every single hand in the game against any dealer up card: hard hands, soft hands and pairs. All the player needs to do is look at where the row of their starting hand intersects with the column of the dealer’s up card. Where the two intersect is the best statistical play for that situation. All the player needs to do is make that play. It is that easy.

If players play every one of their hands according to basic strategy they can lower the house edge to 0.5%, which is the lowest house edge of the casino games.

So if basic strategy is that easy to use and if it lowers the house edge so much, how could it possibly be legal to use in casinos?

Basic strategy has a misplaced idea attached to it that it will beat the house and allow players to win every hand. Casinos are more than happy to allow players to believe this; in fact, there are some casinos that will give out basic strategy charts. What happens is a player will lose a few rounds and toss the chart away, going back to playing without strategy. Playing without strategy is where casinos can make their money.

Other players will only play according to basic strategy part of the time. And it is only effective if every hand is played according to it.

As a result not every player is successful with basic strategy. So in order to lower the house edge to 0.5% you must play every hand according to it. Thankfully basic strategy makes it easy for a new player to not only play an effective game and lower the house edge, but it also teaches them more about the game, especially if study the chart and think on why each play is what it is.

Basic strategy allows new players to have an impact on their odds at an early stage in their learning of blackjack. Now the only thing left is to practice using basic strategy.