Unlimited Online Blackjack Bonus

We like unlimited. And we also like boosts to our online blackjack bankroll. It is especially fun to get off to an online blackjack start when we receive a nice boost from a Welcome Bonus. Here is an online blackjack welcome Bonus that is sure to get players off to a good start: Aladdin’s Gold Unlimited Welcome Bonus.

Yes, you read that right; I did say ‘unlimited.’ New online blackjack players can claim the Welcome Bonus for online blackjack and other non-slots games as many times as they would like during their first seven days at Aladdin’s Gold.

Here is how it works: new players to Aladdin’s Gold have a special screen when they log in where they can choose to claim the unlimited online slots bonus or the other games bonus; online blackjack players will be going with the other games bonus as the online slots bonus is not good for playing online blackjack. Once the new player has chosen they bonus, they can head to the cashier’s section of Aladdin’s Gold and make their deposit. The bonus money will be credited to their player account as soon as the deposit clears. Players will have access to that special Welcome Bonus screen for their first seven days at Aladdin’s Gold.

As for the bonus it is a 100% deposit match bonus. As previously stated, it is unlimited and can be claimed however many times a new online blackjack player would like. There is a 50 xs wager requirement on each bonus though so keep that in mind when you are claiming your bonuses; it is always nice to have extra to play with, but you have to meet the wager requirement before requesting a withdrawal.

Once the wager requirement is met, online blackjack players can request a withdrawal. There is also no maximum withdraw amount either, but the bonus money cannot be withdrawn. All bonus money will be removed once the withdrawal is made.

On the whole, the Welcome Bonus at [insert_php]echo $casino2name;[/insert_php] is quite generous considering that online blackjack players can claim it as many times as they would like in the first seven days, and that there is no maximum cashout on the bonus.

Win Palace’s Online Blackjack Bonus

I am into exploring new things. Originally this might have been limited to blackjack variations and blackjack strategy, but now I am going to take a look here and there at different online blackjack bonuses. Why not? America is heading towards online gambling whether the nay-sayers want it to or not. It never hurts to get familiar with what is being offered out there when it comes to online blackjack.

Today we are going to take a peek at what Win Palace is offering new online blackjack players.

Naturally Win Palace is offering a deposit match bonus. They are giving new online blackjack players a 100% deposit match bonus worth up to $500. Not excited? How about if they make it redeemable ten times? That means that new blackjack players can receive a maximum of $5,000 from this Welcome Bonus. And it is all for online blackjack,

The way it works is new online blackjack players must create their player account at Win Palace. Then they have to click over to the cashier section of the website, and then click the Redeem Coupon button in the tool bar. It is here that players enter the Blackjack Welcome Bonus: WINBJ. Then simply click redeem and make a deposit. Players can repeat this process nine more times for a total of ten times.

Like any bonus there are some restrictions. For one, this is a playing only bonus. This means that the bonus money is not withdrawable and will be deducted from the player’s when they do make their first withdrawal. A withdrawal cannot happen until the wager requirement is met; that wager requirement is to wager the combined total of the deposit and bonus twenty five times. Blackjack and Perfect Pairs will meet the wager requirement. Other games such as Roulette, Craps, Baccarat and more will not count towards meeting the requirement, and playing them will void the bonus. In short, stick to playing only blackjack until the wager requirement is met.

Silver Oak’s Online Blackjack Bonus

Who does not like extra money? I cannot think of a person that does not like extra money, especially when it comes to those who gamble online. Thankfully online casinos offer bonuses to their players to give their bankrolls—and profit chances—an increase. Some online casinos offer special online blackjack bonuses that are only available to, well, their online blackjack players.

Silver Oak is one such online casino. Naturally they would play on the whole blackjack theme with an online blackjack bonus. Players can pick up an extra 21% on their deposit match bonus. But which base bonus they receive is up to them and how much they deposit to their player account.

There are three levels to this bonus:

Players who deposit between $50 and $500 dollars can claim the 100% deposit bonus plus the 21% extra online blackjack bonus for a total bonus of 121%. Coupon code SILVIERBLACK1.

For players who deposit $501 up to $1,000 they can claim a 120% deposit bonus plus the 21% blackjack special bonus for a total bonus of 141%. Coupon code SILVERBLACK2.

And then for the players who deposit more than $1,001 can claim a deposit bonus of 140% plus the 21%. That brings their total online blackjack bonus to 161%. Coupon code SILVERBLACK3.

And that, my dear online blackjack players, is Silver Oak’s Blackjack Special.

Naturally there are terms and conditions for claiming this deposit and withdrawing against it. Players who wish to claim the Blackjack Special must have made at least one deposit prior to the deposit they wish to claim the Blackjack Special on. Players must also meet the 30x wager requirement before making a withdrawal. But the good news is that the Blackjack Special can be claimed year round.

Virgin’s New Blackjack Bonus

While they do not accept players from the United States, Virgin Casino is one of the foremost online casinos operating in Europe. As such they have decided to begin offering a new blackjack bonus in hopes of throwing some favor to the card players.

Virgin has always been generous when it comes to their online slots players. Now it is time that they showed some favor to the blackjack players, well the new ones at any rate.

New players to Virgin will be able to claim a 50% deposit match using the code BLACKJACK50. But there is one slight downside to this blackjack bonus: it is only worth a maximum of £50. For all the Americans that is the same as just over $80.

So according to the bonus, players would have to deposit £100 in order to receive £50. Again, for the Americans, it would be like depositing $160 and only receiving $80.

While that sort of bonus is all well and fine as one of a few weekly bonuses in a player rewards program, it is actually not the greatest blackjack bonus. I offer up in comparison Rushmore’s blackjack bonus which is a 200% deposit match bonus worth up to $1,000. And $1,000 is a heck of a lot more than $80.

While I am glad to see Virgin Casino giving something to their blackjack players, I do feel that they are worth more than £50. On the other hand my mother always said that some is better than none, so I guess new blackjack players to Virgin have that as their option.

New Online Blackjack Bonuses at Silver Oak

Online blackjack players will be quite pleased to know that Silver Oak Casino has launched some new bonuses this month. Silver Oak is calling it their Bright Side bonuses and they are four in number.

The cause for celebration is that their year has started off on a very good foot, and they owe it all to their players, hence the bonuses. All four of the new Bright Side bonuses are deposit match bonuses of varying amounts which will appeal to a variety of online blackjack players—those who are just starting out and who are wagering small, and for the high rollers who are wagering $100 per hand or so.

The Bright Side bonuses start out with the Happy100. This is a 100% deposit bonus that does not require a minimum deposit. Next up is the Bright100. The Bright100 is a 150% deposit match bonus, but it does require a $35 minimum deposit. Because of the low to no required amount for deposit, these would be good Bright Side bonuses for online blackjack players who are just getting their feet eat in online blackjack.

Moving into the middle tier we find the Sunny175. This mid-range deposit match bonus gives players a 175% bonus amount so long as they deposit a minimum of $50.

The fourth Bright Side bonus is the Super200. This would be a good bonus for high rolling online blackjack players. The Super200 is a 200% deposit match bonus that only requires a minimum deposit of $75.

Regular online blackjack players can use those four bonuses as many times as they would like during the course of February. So long as players meet all of their play through requirements, the bonuses are unlimited.

There is one more Bright Side bonus but it is only for Silver Oak’s VIP players. For those online blackjack players who belong to the VIP program at Silver Oak, they can take advantage of the VIPositive Bonus: a 250% deposit match bonus that only requires a $125 minimum deposit. If a player is not sure if he or she is a part of the VIP program at Silver Oak, all they need do is contact the customer support team and find out.

All in all, not a bad bonus offering at all from Silver Oak this month. It is not often that online blackjack players find bonus offers that are this useful.

Online Blackjack at Aladdin’s Gold

Time to explore some online blackjack offerings out there in the get wide world of online casinos. Today we are going to be visiting the mystical, yet slightly cartoon-y Aladdin’s Gold. Do not worry, there is nothing Disney about this online casino.

Players will find a moderate offering of online blackjack games at Aladdin’s Gold, including some blackjack variations. So a little bit of everything in terms of blackjack choices, but you know my thoughts on some blackjack variations. Thankfully Aladdin’s Gold does offer a free play mode as a part of their Real Time Gaming software.

So about those blackjack games. Players will find at Aladdin’s Gold Blackjack, Pontoon, Perfect Pairs, Face Up 21, Match Play 21 and Super 21.

Of all of those Blackjack and Pontoon are safe to play for real money on, but the other variations are the type of variations that I warn against. You know, the ones with the side bets that drop your blackjack odds faster than a giant iron anchor and will run you through your bankroll faster than you intended. But that is just how those variations are; it is nothing against Aladdin’s Gold—they cannot help the rules that make the variations what they are.

Like any good online casino, Aladdin’s Gold does indeed offer players new to their virtual halls a Welcome Bonus. And what the Welcome Bonus it is.

This is one Welcome Bonus that I have not seen the equal of. Rather than putting a limit on how many of a new player’s first deposits will receive bonuses, Aladdin’s Gold offers players seven days off bonuses.

Yes, new players have seven days of unlimited bonus offers. All they need to do is click on the bonus they want each time they make a deposit. There are also no maximum cashout restrictions, other than bonus money. None of the bonus money can be cashed out. But there is no limit on how much of your winnings from the bonus money you can cashout.

However there is one big restriction on the wagering with bonus money: some games are off limits. Those games would be Baccarat, Craps, Roulette and Sic Bo. But that is fine because you are there to play online blackjack anyway. But you should know that just in case you want a break from blackjack for a bit. Playing anyone of the restricted games will cause your bonus money and your winnings from bonus money to become void.

Despite the moderate blackjack offerings, the Welcome Bonus gives players a lot of opportunity to make some real money from playing online blackjack at [insert_php]echo $casino2name;[/insert_php]. No lamp rubbing required.

Blackjack at Rushmore

I thought that this afternoon we would visit the online casino, Rushmore. Rushmore is one of quiet hot spots to play online blackjack at. I say quiet because they conduct themselves in a quiet and efficient manner—no loud, noisy, messy online blackjack here!

But that is not all there is to Rushmore and their Real Time Gaming powered online blackjack. They offer players an array of blackjack variations to choose from, instead of only offering standard casino blackjack. Rushmore’s list of online blackjack games include Blackjack, of course, Face Up 21, Blackjack Perfect Pairs, European Blackjack, Match Play 21, Pontoon and Super 21.

While some blackjack variations are not on my preferred list, I was quite happy to see that Rushmore is offering Pontoon as it is not a common blackjack variation offered in online casinos. It is definitely worth taking for a spin in Rushmore’s free play mode, after all, why turn up your nose at trying the English version of blackjack when you can play it for free?

Also for the enjoyment of online blackjack players is Rushmore’s Double Down bonus. This is a Welcome Bonus aimed at blackjack players. New online blackjack players to Rushmore can take advantage of their 200% deposit match bonus worth up to $1,000.

Only first deposits made with a credit card, gift card or UseMyWallet are eligible for the Double Down bonus. Players must turn in the redemption code after making their first deposit before doing any wagering.

Before a player can make any withdrawals on winnings from the bonus they must first wager 20x the combined amount of the deposit and the bonus amount. Once the wager requirement is met, players can then withdraw their deposit and any winnings from the bonus; the bonus money itself cannot be withdrawn.

Rushmore offers players a realistic bonus in their Double Down bonus to play their variety of online blackjack games—everything from basic blackjack to the variations—great and not so great—are available for play. And I do recommend playing a few rounds of Pontoon—give it a try!

Getting Started Six Shooting with Blackjack

I do not know about you but the games and payout percentages and bonuses are not the only thing that I take into consideration when I am looking for an online casino to play online blackjack at. I want an online casino that is visually appealing too.

This should be a given. I mean, come on, if I am going to be looking at their interface for several hours a week I want to like what I see. And that is one of the things that I like about Silver Dollar casino.

They also have a Welcome Bonus that is just as fun as the appearance of their interface.

Silver Dollar brings players back to the Old West that gave playing in casinos that cool edge—only the tough and savvy played in casinos in the Old West. And that is the feeling that Silver Dollar imparts with its users.

Then there is their Six Shooter Welcome Bonus.

A six shooter by the way is Old West term for a really top notch gunman who is quick on the draw. Just saying.

Anyway. The Six Shooter bonus.

The bonus money is coming in right way. Players receive a free $5 chip just for opening a new player account at Silver Dollar.

The bonuses continue with a new player’s first deposit. That bonus is a 100% deposit match bonus worth up to $550. A new player’s second and third deposits also each have their own 100% deposit match bonus, each worth up to $400.

But Silver Dollar does not only offer bonus money; they also have a VIP plan for players. In the VIP plan players accumulate points, and those points can then be turned in for more cash at Silver Dollar. So speaking of those points, once a new player activates their place in the VIP they receive 10,000 points to their VIP account.

And then, to be the shot in the Six Shooter Welcome Bonus, depositing at least $20 will gain players a free place in Silver Dollar’s next major tournament event.

So you have six bullets to make up the arsenal of your online blackjack Six Shooter: 3 deposit match bonuses, 1 pack of 10,000 VIP points, 1 free $5 chip and 1 free entry into a tournament. And there I present to you the Silver Dollar Six Shooter Welcome Bonus.