Getting Started Six Shooting with Blackjack

I do not know about you but the games and payout percentages and bonuses are not the only thing that I take into consideration when I am looking for an online casino to play online blackjack at. I want an online casino that is visually appealing too.

This should be a given. I mean, come on, if I am going to be looking at their interface for several hours a week I want to like what I see. And that is one of the things that I like about Silver Dollar casino.

They also have a Welcome Bonus that is just as fun as the appearance of their interface.

Silver Dollar brings players back to the Old West that gave playing in casinos that cool edge—only the tough and savvy played in casinos in the Old West. And that is the feeling that Silver Dollar imparts with its users.

Then there is their Six Shooter Welcome Bonus.

A six shooter by the way is Old West term for a really top notch gunman who is quick on the draw. Just saying.

Anyway. The Six Shooter bonus.

The bonus money is coming in right way. Players receive a free $5 chip just for opening a new player account at Silver Dollar.

The bonuses continue with a new player’s first deposit. That bonus is a 100% deposit match bonus worth up to $550. A new player’s second and third deposits also each have their own 100% deposit match bonus, each worth up to $400.

But Silver Dollar does not only offer bonus money; they also have a VIP plan for players. In the VIP plan players accumulate points, and those points can then be turned in for more cash at Silver Dollar. So speaking of those points, once a new player activates their place in the VIP they receive 10,000 points to their VIP account.

And then, to be the shot in the Six Shooter Welcome Bonus, depositing at least $20 will gain players a free place in Silver Dollar’s next major tournament event.

So you have six bullets to make up the arsenal of your online blackjack Six Shooter: 3 deposit match bonuses, 1 pack of 10,000 VIP points, 1 free $5 chip and 1 free entry into a tournament. And there I present to you the Silver Dollar Six Shooter Welcome Bonus.