Insurance Used More and More in Blackjack

It seems that insurance is being used more and more often in blackjack. No matter how often a blackjack player hears that insurance is bad, they will use it anyway. But the kicker is that they don’t seem to really want to take insurance! Just look at their faces—they’re regretting taking insurance as they are putting the chips down.

And I actually have a theory on why this is happening.

I’m going to blame the casinos leaning on the bad economy. No, wait, let me explain.

Those who enjoy casino games—yes, there are people who play blackjack because they like the game, not for a need to gamble—are finding that they have less money to play with of late.

The economy has hit most of us harder than we would like. We don’t have as much extra money to play with. So even though we love the game and have made peace putting some money on the line for fun, we tend to be more cautious about how we play and how much we wager.

Casinos are starting to bank on this extra caution through insurance.

Insurance implies the creation of a safety net for your wager. And this is exactly what casinos want you to think. They want you to think that by spending more money you are saving your money.

Yes, you read that right—the casinos are hoping that with players being more cautious that they can bank on that caution by urging insurance.

But when you take insurance you are in fact putting more money on the line.

But you’re spending more when you take insurance. On a $50 wager insurance is $25. If the dealer doesn’t have blackjack but still wins the round, you’ve lost $75 instead of only $50. That’s how they get you.

Remember, insurance is a side bet on whether the dealer has a 10 in the hole or not. Keeping that in mind it will help you to avoid taking insurance.

Casinos want blackjack to be afraid that they’ll lose their money when the dealer is showing an Ace. With money being dearer of late, casinos like to see blackjack players taking insurance, encouraging players with the idea that their money is at risk and money is harder to come by, so make sure that you’re protecting your wager against that Ace. That’s exactly what they want you to think.

But all gambling—blackjack included—is a risk. As a blackjack player you know you have money on the line and you’re doing so willingly. It doesn’t make sense to be afraid of what the dealer has and take insurance all in the name of saving money. Be fearless and go head to head with that Ace without insurance!