Best Worst Blackjack Betting System

I have got to say that there is no better birthday present than stumbling across a blackjack betting system written about by someone who knows nothing of the game. Yet this betting system they are writing about is the big secret key to blackjack. Oh it makes me laugh.

So this is my blackjack birthday present to me: presenting and poking holes in the latest blackjack betting system.

This blackjack betting system is called the Labouchere. And its writer claims that it is the most precise way to

Blackjack Strategy: Strategies vs Systems

Being that it is a game of skill, it is no surprise that blackjack is played with a strategy. Unless you wish to lose scads of money and in that case you play however you want. But for blackjack players who want to turn a profit, they will use a strategy.

Over the course of yesterday and today I compared flat betting in blackjack against progressive betting. I showed how progressive betting is not all that it is said to be and that it can cost you more money in the long run. What I did not talk about is what a progressive betting system in blackjack is.

First off, let

The Epic Tale of Progressive Betting in Blackjack Strategy

Where did we leave our players in our tale of progressive betting for blackjack strategy?

We left our Player A and Player B

The Epic Tale of Progressive Betting in Blackjack Strategy

It is not uncommon to see players using a progressive betting strategy when at the blackjack tables. They seem content with their system but I am not sure they are aware that a progressive betting system just does not pay off in the long run in blackjack. And how you bet is a big part of your blackjack strategy since your aim in blackjack is to make money.

Like usual let

Blackjack Myth

While you may not have seen this in online blackjack, unless you were the one doing it, this is a pretty common occurrence at blackjack tables in brick and mortar casinos: players who have lost several hands of blackjack in a row (hope they were not using a progressive betting system) and now feel it is their due to win a round.

It is all too common. Whether the blackjack player has only lost a couple of hands or is just having a bad run with the cards, he will begin fussing about how it is high time he won a hand. As if the cards were really listening. But cards are inanimate objects and the odds in a round of blackjack do not bend to a player

Blackjack Betting System No-No

A good number of blackjack players are tempted by betting systems. And most will try at least one at some point in time over the time that they play blackjack. I will admit to having tried one very early in my time of playing blackjack. I fell victim to the Martingale method.

What is the Martingale method? It is a betting system that is unfortunately used in blackjack. The way it works is to double your wager each time you lose. You only return to your original betting amount when you win.

For example, if you wager $10 and lose, the next round you would bet $20. Then $40. Then $80. Then $160. And that only covers five rounds of blackjack which you can do in less than half an hour. You can see how it adds up and how it can spin out of control.

The problem with this blackjack betting system is that eventually you are going to hit the table maximum for betting. It also requires a rather large bankroll in order for you to keep using it.

But the biggest problem, and this applies to every blackjack betting system out there, is that hands of blackjack aren