Lazy Card Counting

I read about this card counting system this morning. I’m not too sure if it’s a real system or someone who is writing about their theory on card counting, but I have to comment on it. In the defense of good ol’ card counting.

This article I read gave several misconceptions of card counting. First they said that card counting required intense concentration and a mathematical mind. And here’s what’s wrong with that notion:

While card counting does require concentration it isn’t an intense concentration. If you have the ability to tell a 2 from a 10 you can card count.

As for the mathematical mind, do you have the ability to add and subtract numbers? Like 1 plus 1? Or 3 minus 1? If so you can count cards. Low cards are +1 and high cards are -1 in terms of card counting. Card counting doesn’t require a high level of math.

Now what this new theory on card counting in blackjack requires is for the player to recognize and keep track of how many small or large cards have been played.

See, the player is supposed to calculate how many dealer friendly cards there are. Dealer friendly cards are 4, 5 and 6. In a six deck game there are 72 of them, which is about 23% of a six deck game. So what a blackjack player is to do is count how many 4, 5 and 6 cards have been played. And when 23 of them have been played it should mean that there’s now a higher concentration of high cards left in the deck.

Should mean. But what about other low cards that, while they don’t favor the dealer as much, still favor the dealer? And ‘should mean?’ It seems a little imprecise. If I have money on the line I want a better idea of what I’m betting on. And ‘should’ isn’t a good enough idea.

It seems to me that this unnamed new card counting system for blackjack is on the lazy side. Simply count how many 4, 5 and 6 cards have been played and then go hog wild with your betting.

I think I’ll put a little more serious effort in to my game, add and subtract ones and make my betting off that. It seems much more sound to stick with the classic hi-lo counting system than staking money on this lazy man’s version of card counting.