Best Betting Strategy in Blackjack

For those of you who are always on the hunt for a betting system to use in blackjack I have one for you. And this one is by far the best—or at least the most reliable.

Card counting!

Yes! Card counting is the most reliable betting system that can be used in blackjack. For those players who take the time to learn and practice card counting, they are the ones in the best position to take the most advantage of their wagers.

See card counting will give a blackjack player the best idea of whether the remaining unplayed cards are rich in high cards (blackjack friendly cards) or low cards (dealer friendly cards).

Blackjack players who count cards know to raise their bets when the reaming deck is rich in high cards because they know that their chances of being dealt a strong hand, if not a natural blackjack, are on the high end.

They also know that when the remaining unplayed cards are rich in low cards that the dealer stands a better chance of winning than they do. They also know that if the remaining deck is rich in low cards, then there aren’t a lot of ten value cards or Aces left. And those Aces are an integral part of having a natural blackjack—can’t have one without them. So if the remaining deck is rich in low cards these card counting blackjack players know to lower their wagers.

When players try using a betting system like those progressive ones that so often pop up, they are at a disadvantage. Each hand in blackjack is independent of the previous one. Meaning, just because you haven’t had a blackjack yet and this is your seventh round it doesn’t mean you’re going to be dealt one. This is why betting systems are a bad idea—they are based on the idea that the next hand is dependent on the previous one.

So if you want a better gauge to your betting strategy, give card counting a try.