Blackjack Betting System No-No

A good number of blackjack players are tempted by betting systems. And most will try at least one at some point in time over the time that they play blackjack. I will admit to having tried one very early in my time of playing blackjack. I fell victim to the Martingale method.

What is the Martingale method? It is a betting system that is unfortunately used in blackjack. The way it works is to double your wager each time you lose. You only return to your original betting amount when you win.

For example, if you wager $10 and lose, the next round you would bet $20. Then $40. Then $80. Then $160. And that only covers five rounds of blackjack which you can do in less than half an hour. You can see how it adds up and how it can spin out of control.

The problem with this blackjack betting system is that eventually you are going to hit the table maximum for betting. It also requires a rather large bankroll in order for you to keep using it.

But the biggest problem, and this applies to every blackjack betting system out there, is that hands of blackjack aren