The Pros of Blackjack Online

Upon thinking about it I’ve come to realize and appreciate some of the pros to playing blackjack online.

Firstly, I can play wherever I want. I don’t have to travel to a casino and mess with hotel reservations. Nor do I have to deal with the worst thing: packing to go and unpacking when I come home. I can site in my home office in my PJs and play to my heart’s content. Pro: Online Blackjack can be played wherever you can get internet access.

Secondly, I don’t have to worry about my speed of play. I can play as fast as I want or at a more leisurely pace. I don’t have to worry about another player slowing the game down either. Pro: The pace of the game is set by me and controlled by me.

Thirdly, and one of my favorites, the payout percentage of playing at an online casino is higher than at a land-based casino. This is because online casinos don’t have nearly the amount of overhead costs that an online casinos has. For example, online casinos don’t have dealers since a ‘dealer’ is built into the game software. With less overhead costs, online casinos can payout more in winnings. It’s not unsurprising to see an online casino with a payback percentage of 97-98%, meaning that they’re only keeping 2-3% of all money wagered; the rest is paid back to players in winnings. Pro: The payback percentage is greater meaning, I could win more.

Fourth, the bonuses and loyalty programs. Sure land-based casinos can hand out comps for free food and rooms in the casino’s hotel, but can they give me free money? Can they give me paybacks on the money I’ve lost? Nope. Online casinos will offer Welcome Bonuses ranging from $888 up to $20,000 to new players. And their loyalty programs will give players weekly deposit bonuses and paybacks on a percentage of money lost in wagers from a previous week. Pro: While land-based casinos can give me free food and maybe a room, playing blackjack at an online casino can give me free money to play with.

To me it seems that playing blackjack online not only offers convenience, but it also offers some great monetary rewards as well. And while playing in a land-based casino can give you the thrill of the casino environment, which is fine, sometimes it’s fun just to stay home in your PJs and bunny slippers and receive some bonus money.