Cake Takes on Online Blackjack Tournaments

I found where 21 Gnet went. Back in May 21 Gnet and Rushmore Casino ended their partnership in regards to blackjack tournaments. This resulted in Rushmore ceasing to offer blackjack tournaments and picking up slots tournaments instead.

But 21 Gnet is not the sort of company that just fades away. And it is true that they have not.

It appears that 21 Gnet has made a partnership with the Cake Network, who is known for primarily dealing with poker. I say primarily because they do offer blackjack, but mostly just as a back burner sort of offering. It is there is you want it.

And 21 Gnet is definitely excited about the partnership. Chief Executive Officer Shane O

Blackjack Dealer Charged with Fraud

So it came up in the casino and blackjack news that a dealer in Minnesota was arrested and charged for committing fraud at the Mystic Lake casino he worked at.

Over the course of two weeks at the end of July and the beginning of August more than $18,500 was paid out to three people involved in the scam.

The dealer in question, Jacob Edwin Christensen, was paying those three players, his friend from high school, his landlord

Missing Queens from Blackjack

The majority of the time casinos will offer an honest blackjack game, meaning they are not trying to pull anything sneaky. Just the standard blackjack rules that might scoot the edge more in favor of the house, such as hitting soft 17s. But sometimes you cannot help thinking that the casino is pulling a fast one when you are on a bad losing streak.

Again, majority of the time you will find honest blackjack games. But sometimes shoes malfunction or a really seedy casino might with hold cards. What does such a thing do to your blackjack odds?

Well if the missing cards are queens or another of the cards worth 10 it can hurt your odds badly. And thinking realistically, a card worth 10 would be the most likely card to be removed from the deck, not just because it favors the player, but because there are more 10 value cards in a deck and is less likely to immediately be noticed.

Tricky, yes?

So what does a missing 10 value card do to your blackjack odds?

Quite a bit actually. Ten value cards are one of the cards that favor players, the other being Aces. The hit to your blackjack odds is 0.49, just shy of half of a percent. Keep in mind all the rounds of playing perfect basic strategy to lower the house edge to that 0.5% and you can be hit with the same amount from having just one card removed.

The reason for the hit is that with less ten cards, such as a single queen being removed, cuts down on the chances of a player being dealt a natural blackjack and on being paid that 3-2 payout. It also cuts down on the number of strong hands, such as 20s from double downs, pairs of 10s, and three or more cards adding up to 21.

So since removing a single 10 value card from a deck cuts down on the number of player blackjacks and strong hands, the player

Card Counting: Really Illegal?

As I began to discuss yesterday, card counting is surrounded by blackjack myths. It increase the mystique of this blackjack strategy skill. It also raises it up on a pedestal as the blackjack strategy skill that every player wants but just does not think he can achieve. All because of the myths that surround card counting.

One of the myths about card counting makes up most of the intimidation about the skill, and casinos are only too happy to allow that myth to keep going. It is widely believed that card counting is illegal.

The truth is that there is no law that says that a player is not allowed to think

Blackjack Boats One Step Closer

A little more than a month ago I wrote about the possibility of North Charleston launching casino boats with blackjack as a way to bring in some extra revenue for the city.

Last Thursday the blackjack boats are one more step closer to becoming a reality. The bill, introduced by Mayor Keith Summey and supported by the City Council, had its first reading. A reading is kind of like a public hearing on the bill in which people are allowed to voice their opinions about the proposed bill

21 Blackjack Party

For those of you who have an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch and who love to play blackjack on the go, you will be quite pleased with what Spin3 is doing with their 21 Blackjack Party app.

Back in February of this year Spin3 was launched, and 21 Blackjack Party was their first game to be sold in the Apple App Store. Spin3 itself is actually a division of Spiral Solutions who is known for being a leader in eGaming services and managing those services.

The Spin3 21 Blackjack Party app has been a hit with those who like to play blackjack on the go, not to mention that this particular blackjack app is free.

But Spin3 was looking to take the abilities of the 21 Blackjack Party app further, make it even more well-known. And recently they found out just how to spread the word about their darling blackjack app: Facebook.

Yes, we are back to talking about Facebook again. But the social networking site is worming its way into everything in some form or another. I remember when people asked if businesses had a company website; now they ask if they have a Facebook page.

I digress.

So how is 21 Blackjack Party opening its little programmed heart to the social networking giant? It is quite simple really. Players who are playing can post their progress to their Facebook pages so that their friends can see just how awesome

Low Cost Blackjack Tournaments

While the world of online casinos is rife with online slots tournaments, there are also online blackjack tournaments as well. It is possible to find tournaments with larger entry fees aimed at players who are serious players.

But what about players who still working on their online blackjack playing skills and who think they are ready to try a tournament

Hard Hands in Blackjack

In the game of blackjack there are three types of hands: hard hands, soft hands and pairs. Each of these types of blackjack hands has a different type of strategy. This is because each type of hand has something about it that makes it different.

Hence, different types.

Moving on, we are going to look at hard hands and blackjack strategy for hard hands today.

In blackjack, hard hands are the most basic of hands. The two cards that make them up are not worth the same value each and neither card has a flexible value. Because of those simple little facts, hard hands are the easiest hands to play