Blackjack Myths for Card Counting

Thanks to movies like ‘Rain Man’ and ‘21’ a good many people are convinced that some of the blackjack myths surrounding card counting are in fact truth.

I would not already be calling them myths if they were real.

Blackjack myths having to do with card counting surround the skill in a sense of mystique like how the rose bushes surrounded Sleeping Beauty’s castle. You know they are there and you want what is on the other side. But there are all those thorns and other scary things in between.

And like how Sleeping Beauty is a fairy tale, the myths about card counting are just as untrue.

For example, a photographic memory is required to be successful at card counting.

This would be very untrue. Yes, I know that Rain Main did. But it was a movie and that is all. Card counting does not require a photographic memory. It does require basic math skills. Can you add 1 and subtract 1? Yes? Then you can learn to count cards.

All card counting is made up of is assigning tags or values to cards, such as +1, +2, -1 or -2, to the cards and then doing the appropriate addition or subtraction when those cards appear in game of blackjack.

Similar yet opposite of the photographic memory is the blackjack myth that you need to be a mathematical genius in order to successfully count cards.

Obviously I have already unreasoned that one. Adding and subtracting one is not an exceptional math skill. In fact, you could probably teach a child to count cards to a certain extent as they are capable of adding and subtracting numbers.

And those are only two of the blackjack myths that surround the castle of card counting. Make no mistake that card counting is a worthy skill, that it can give blackjack players a slight edge over the house.