Of All the Casino Games, Why Online Blackjack?

Of all of the online casino games why is online blackjack better?

It really comes down to odds, and blackjack online offers better odds than the other online casino games.

This is because basic strategy can be used in online blackjack just like the blackjack that is played in a brick and mortar casino. The impact on your blackjack odds is still the same because the rules of online blackjack is the same as casino blackjack, therefore you still have a 48% chance of winning and a 52% chance of losing each round.

Because the odds are roughly the same to begin with and because the rules of online blackjack are the same as its brick and mortar counterpart, you can use the same strategy

Card Counting Practice Helps Your Math

You hear often enough that practicing blackjack and blackjack strategy will improve you blackjack game and skills. This is very true. The only way you become better at something is to do it.

This truly applies to card counting when you are first learning the skill. Card counting, while it can greatly benefit your blackjack odds and your profits, it does require a lot of practice and time to make the skill a profitable one.

This is especially important if math is not your strong point. Even the most basic counting system, Hi Lo, involves adding positive and negative numbers together in your head quietly and quickly. It is important for you to be able to do your math in your head quickly and quietly with no outward appearance of doing so.

It is just as important as making sure to vary your wagers a bit when counting cards. Casino staff will watch players

More Betting System for Blackjack


This morning I wrote about the Labouchere negative progression betting system that unknowing blackjack players will use in place of a good betting strategy.

The use it because they come across one of those article-generating sites in which the people writing the articles do not always understand the finer points of their subjects. In the case of the article I saw today, it said that the best way to bet in blackjack was to use a betting system.

This is simply not true. Betting systems limit how a player makes their wagers in a game of blackjack. These systems are also based on principles that go against the essence of blackjack.

Now we are going to look at the Paroli betting system.

This is a positive progression system, meaning that it works based on wins. If you win a hand, you would double your wager on the next round. You would keep doubling until you lose a round and then return to the amount of your original wager. Take a look:

If you were to wager $20 and win, you would wager $40 on the next round. If you win that round you would wager $80. But if you lost, you would return to the original amount of $20.

The Paroli betting system is said to make the most of a winning streak. Unfortunately there is no way to predict how long a winning streak will continue. This can result in a very heavy loss if you lose a round after several successful wins. Imagine in the above example winning five rounds and wagering $320 only to lose that $320.

The problem with the Paroli betting system is that it is based on winning, and is meant to be used in a casino game in which the house has the advantage. Players can only expect to win around 48% of their blackjack games.

So if you have less than a 50% to win why would you use a betting system based on winning?


Will Zynga Make a Mobile Blackjack Game?

Online blackjack players might find their favorite online casino game on their Facebook sooner than they think.

Zynga recently bought out the iPhone and iPad app creator Bonfire. The reason for the speculation over a possible Zynga Blackjack is because Bonfire created the We Farm mobile app, which is one of the top ten grossing iPad and iPhone games. And We Farm is very similar to Zynga

Networking and Online Blackjack

What do World of Warcraft and online blackjack have in common?

Initially they are two games in the online gaming world. But as of late they might have more in common than simply being games played online.

Yazino is a fairly recently launched social networking online casino. It is a site in which blackjack players can play online blackjack and other online casino games but are also playing with other players and networking through the site.

In other words, there are two types of online games, and every single online game can be fit into one of two categories: online gambling and social gaming.

Social gaming is like World of Warcraft