Of All the Casino Games, Why Online Blackjack?

Of all of the online casino games why is online blackjack better?

It really comes down to odds, and blackjack online offers better odds than the other online casino games.

This is because basic strategy can be used in online blackjack just like the blackjack that is played in a brick and mortar casino. The impact on your blackjack odds is still the same because the rules of online blackjack is the same as casino blackjack, therefore you still have a 48% chance of winning and a 52% chance of losing each round.

Because the odds are roughly the same to begin with and because the rules of online blackjack are the same as its brick and mortar counterpart, you can use the same strategy—except for card counting. Because of the actual creation and functioning of what is now a computer game, playing online blackjack is like playing at a blackjack table with a continuous shuffle machine which makes card counting impossible.

But other than no card counting, your blackjack strategy should transfer to being used in online blackjack just fine.

In fact, basic strategy will still reduce the house edge to 0.5%. So it is possible to play online blackjack and achieve the same blackjack odds that you would have in casino blackjack.

In terms of all of the online casino games out there, online blackjack is the one capable, if basic strategy is played perfectly, casino game in which the lowest house edge is achievable. While online slots and online poker might be the most popular casino games found in online casinos, online blackjack will give the best odds when playing with basic strategy.