Networking and Online Blackjack

What do World of Warcraft and online blackjack have in common?

Initially they are two games in the online gaming world. But as of late they might have more in common than simply being games played online.

Yazino is a fairly recently launched social networking online casino. It is a site in which blackjack players can play online blackjack and other online casino games but are also playing with other players and networking through the site.

In other words, there are two types of online games, and every single online game can be fit into one of two categories: online gambling and social gaming.

Social gaming is like World of Warcraft—payers are able to play the game yet at the same time they are playing with other players around the world and networking within the game. Online gambling is just that—gambling through an online version of a favorite casino game, such as online blackjack.

But Yazino is looking to merge the two types of games into one site. Chief Executive Officer Hussein Chahine said:

“Gambling sites are perceived as dark and seedy while social gaming sites are seen as fun, friendly and engaging. Our ambition is to connect the two and bring simplicity and friendliness to the gaming market along with a social networking experience that sets us apart from the rest.”

In other words get ready to make new friends while collecting old ones and at the same time enjoying a few rounds of online blackjack or whatever online casino game is to your liking.

Actually the idea of playing with friends is part of what is behind the Yazino online casino: “We’ve approached this through the casino environment, which we believe embodies the best aspects of gaming, gathering friends around a table in a competitive and fun environment,” said Chahine.

But with social networking in the ground work of this new online casino, I am sure that Yazino will probably be recommending other blackjack players for you to friend as you play online blackjack.

On second thought, perhaps I should describe this as a mix of Facebook, World of Warcraft and online blackjack and other casino games—kind of all wrapped up together in playing with others like in World of Warcraft (without magic and weapons), yet you are friend collecting like on Facebook while playing online blackjack. Yes, I think that would be the right descriptive mix.