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Blackjack Players

Professional Blackjack Players - Blackjack Player Bios

I've written several profiles of various blackjack players, and I have plans to add more soon. This page serves as an index/list of those player profiles and bio's. Please contact us if you'd like to see a specific blackjack player profiled here, or if any of the information in this section is out of date or needs correcting.

Barry Meadow - Gambling author, horse bettor, and blackjack player on the Ultimate Blackjack Tour. Barry Meadow is not just a blackjack player; he's written several popular books about betting on horses. He's also the author of Crushing the Internet Casinos. According to his Wikipedia article, Meadow has also written for various television sitcoms.

Brian Zembic - Sometimes known as the man with $100,000 breasts. Brian Zembic isn't just a blackjack player; he's a well-known high stakes gambler who also plays backgammon. He's also an amateur magician. Perhaps his biggest claim to fame is as the guy with the band-aids over his nipples on The Man Show.

Big Chuck Gorson - Poker player and competitor on the Ultimate Blackjack Tour. If being big made you a successful gambler, then Chuck Gorson would be successful indeed, since he's 6'*" tall. And unlike some blackjack players, Gorson doesn't limit himself to just blackjack; he also plays craps and roulette, among other games.

Erica SchoenbergErica Schoenberg - The "Blackjack Babe". When this article was originally written, Erica Schoenberg was probably best-known as a blackjack player, but she's become a popular poker celebrity lately. Erica Schoenberg appeared in a Carmen Electra strip poker video at one point, and man, is she good looking or what?

James Grosjean - Card counter and member of the Blackjack Hall of Fame. James Grosjean is possibly best known as the author of Beyond Counting. He's a bit of a hero to card counters, having won lawsuits against Caesars Palace and Griffin Investigations.

Max Rubin - Author of Comp City and host of the annual Blackjack Ball. Max Rubin is also a television personality, often providing commentary for gambling television shows. Max Rubin also has frequent speaking engagements all over the USA. Rubin has quite a personality.

Henry Tamburin - Author of multiple gambling books, including books on blackjack strategy. Henry Tamburin is the host of the website, and he has authored over 700 articles about gambling.

Stanford Wong - Author of the book Professional Blackjack and a whole lot more. Stanford Wong is also the host of, one of the busiest and most active blackjack websites on the Internet. Stanford Wong's books about blackjack and card counting are some of the best you can buy.

Hollywood Dave Stann - Celebrity blackjack player and gambler who appears on GSN. Hollywood Dave Stann is a member of Mensa and has written a book called Hollywood Blackjack. Some people might find his personality a little bit annoying, but I think he's neat and kinda funny.

Sam Vaughn - A blackjack tournament player and millionaire from blackjack winnings. Lots of blackjack tournament players talk the talk, but Sam Vaugn walks the walk. How many blackjack players do you know who have won a million dollars?

Edward ThorpEdward Thorp - Author of Beat the Dealer and inventor of card counting. Edward Thorp wasn't just a blackjack player and card counter though. He was a math professor and a pioneer in the real of blackjack math.

Cathy Hulbert - The Game Show Network's pick for "best female gambler on earth". Cathy Hulbert is probably best known as a poker player. She even won a World Series of Poker bracelet in 1993.

Michael Konik - Author of The Man with the $100,000 Breasts and other Gambling Stories. A more recent book from Michael Konik is called The Smart Money, and it's all about the sports betting industry.

Keith Taft- Electronics genius with 30 years experience at the blackjack tables. Keith Taft is best-known for his pioneering work in blackjack computers and devices to aid play.

Anthony Curtis - Gambling expert and publisher of the Las Vegas Advisor. Anthony Curtis' site is one of the best gambling destinations on the Internet, and when he talks about blackjack, smart players listen.

Peter Griffin - Blackjack innovator who came up with Betting Correlation and Playing Efficiency. This Peter Griffin is all about blackjack and has absolutely nothing to do with The Family Guy.

Ken Uston - Blackjack PlayerKen Uston - Possibly the most famous blackjack player ever. Ken Uston wasn't just a blackjack player though. He had an MBA from Harvard. Uston's one of blackjack's more colorful and interesting characters.

Richard Munchkin - Film personality and blackjack player.

Ken Einiger - World Blackjack Champion of 2005.

Tommy Hyland - Manages a successful blackjack team. Tommy Hyland is one of only a handful of players in the Blackjack Hall of Fame. He's been playing blackjack for over 25 years.

Al Francesco - Sometimes credited with inventing team play. Al Francesco is a member of the Blackjack Hall of Fame. Al Francesco is the blackjack player who taught Ken Uston to count cards.

Eleanore Dumont - Also known as "Madam Mustache". Eleanore Dumont is a historical blackjack player and "character".

Ken Smith - Operates the most popular blackjack site on the web, and a blackjack tournament expert. Ken Smith is one of the smartest and nicest men in the blackjack business.

Lawrence Revere - A notorious and possibly shady character (if you believe the stories in The World's Greatest Blackjack Book anyway.) Lawrence Revere used to give private blackjack lessons to players, but he also allegedly helped casinos identify card counters.

Steve Forte - Author of Read the Dealer. Steve Forte operates a website called

Russ Hamilton - Founder of the Ultimate Blackjack Tour. Russ Hamilton is best known as a professional poker player though, having won the main event of the World Series of Poker in 1994.

Jimmy Pine - He resembles Tom Jones, but he plays blackjack like a pro. Jimmy Pine has played in the World Series of Blackjack.

Joanna Wlodawer - A beautiful blonde nicknamed The Queen of Spades. Joanna Wlodware appeared on The King of Vegas.

Joe Pane - A former cop turned blackjack tournament expert. Joe Pane has competed in the World Series of Blackjack, and has been interviewed at Ken Smith's website.

Kevin Blackwood - One of the greatest blackjack writers in history. Kevin Blackwood has written The Counter, a novel about a card counter, and also an instructional book about blackjack called Play Blackjack Like the Pros.

The Blackjack Hall of Fame, which is one of the most exclusive organizations of gamblers on the planet.

Some other places on the web where you can find information about blackjack players include:

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