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Barry Meadow - Blackjack Player

Professional Blackjack Player Barry Meadow - Author of Crushing the Internet Casinos

A veteran of the Vietnam War, Barry Meadow is a master sports handicapper and gambler. He has spent more than 30 years in the gambling world, both as an author and full-time player. He is so good, in fact, that he has twice hit a $100,000 plus Pick Six.

Success at the Harness Races

His first book, Success at the Harness Races, was written in 1967. From there, he continued to make money as a handicapper and racing magazine editor. He also contributed articles to numerous publications, including an article on mule racing that found its way into the pages of Sports Illustrated.

TR Publishing

For 5 straight years during the 1980s, Barry Meadow gambled full-time on the harness races at Los Alamitos in California. He also formed his own publishing company during this time, which would later come to be known as TR Publishing. He also started the Trot Report, a weekly report covering the California harness racing scene.

Professional Harness Betting

In 1987, Barry published Professional Harness Betting. It was a tour de force of the professional harness world and weighed in at a massive 303 pages. Receiving excellent reviews, the book draws upon Barry's 5-year stint as a professional harness gambler and explains everything you need to know about becoming a full-time professional.

Money Secrets at the Racetrack

In 1988, he published Money Secrets at the Racetrack, a definitive guide to money management. This book has become essential reading for any handicapper. It covers topics such as: how to make an odds line, how to detect overlays in pools, when you should bet two horses to win, the best strategy for exactas, and other topics or interest.

He also started Master Win Ratings in 1988, a service that rates every racing thoroughbred in the state of California and assigns them a constantly updated power ranking.

Secrets of the Pick 6 - The Player's Guide to Nevada Racebooks

He also wrote Secrets of the Pick 6, a 43-page booklet which covered every facet of this challenging wager. In addition, he also wrote the Player's Guide to Nevada Racebooks, where he visited every racebook in Nevada to find the best values for his readers. The book compiled house rules and practices, as well as how to qualify for cash rebates, comps, and where to get free daily racing forms.

Blackjack Autumn

In 1999, he published Blackjack Autumn: A True Tale of Life, Death, and Splitting Tens in Winnemucca. This book tells of Barry's two-month trek across the state of Nevada, playing blackjack in every casino in the state. From gambling in truckstops to getting comped chicken-fried steaks, Barry's journey is filled with odd characters and bizarre locations.

Meadow's Racing Monthly

From 1996 to October 2003, Barry published Meadow's Racing Monthly, an award-winning guide to horse racing handicapping and money management. Including statistical research, helpful articles, and investigative exposes, this monthly publication was wildly popular with fans of horse racing.

Crushing the Internet Casinos

In 2003, Barry wrote Crushing the Internet Casinos, instructing online gamblers on how to win and win big. It talks about setting up an account, choosing the right casino, withdrawing money, analyzing bonuses, identifying scams, and even earning comp points.

In addition to his accomplishments in the world of gambling, Barry has also written television sitcoms, played on the professional tennis circuit in India, and performed stand-up comedy in California.

Barry Meadow to put his blackjack skills to the test on an episode of The Ultimate Blackjack Tour.

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