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Erica Schoenberg

Information About Blackjack and Poker Player Erica Schoenberg

Erica Schoenberg (aka "Blackjack Babe" and "Poker Babe") was born March 25th, 1978, in Akron, Ohio. She is an Aries.

The Start of a Gambling Career

Erica Schoenberg credits betting with family members for starting her early fascination with gambling. Bets would often involve pocket change or getting out of boring household chores. And despite her young age, her win rate was very impressive.

Erica SchoenbergShe showed an early affinity for numbers and logic, even winning her hometown county math championship. She would also go to the local racetrack with her father to try and further hone her talents. Erica has been quoted as saying that she and her father would gamble on anything, even the flip of a coin.

As she graduated high school and entered college, Erica continued to improve her blackjack skills. She began to play a wide variety of card games, and she quickly developed a thrill for the competition which it provided.

After receiving her degree in Theatre, Erica spent time working as a model, personal trainer, and kickboxing instructor. She even tried her hand at being a pro-beach tournament volleyball player.

Blackjack and Poker

Eventually, she decided to try her luck at a blackjack tournament, and she was surprised by how well she did. Erica was hooked, and she later received training from members of the infamous MIT Blackjack Team. As time went by, Erica began to dedicate more and more time to her pursuit of gambling excellence.

With the explosion of Texas Hold'em, Erica decided to make the transition to poker, since that's where the big money and television coverage could be found. She has since enjoyed a growing reputation for her tight-aggressive yet ever-evolving style of play. In 2006, she placed 69th in the prestigious 37th annual World Series of Poker. She has also placed 16th in the Bellagio World Poker Tour event (a career high). So far, her career poker winnings exceed $117,000.

In the 3rd season of the World Series of Blackjack, Erica faced off against Scottie J. Black, Marshall Lafferty, Randall Joyce, and "Razor" Rob Boisvert. She was one of the last two players left, but she was ultimately defeated by "Razor" Rob.

Later in the tournament, she competed in a Wild Card Semi-Final match, taking on the likes of Angie Hardy, John Payne, Henry Fletcher, and Jamie Root.

She recently became the first poker player hand-picked to represent Mansion Poker. In fact, she can often be found there playing under the name str8flushin.

When she's not playing poker, Erica can be found shopping, playing volleyball, watching the Ultimate Fighting Championship, and walking her two dogs. She currently makes her home in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Watch for Erica Schoenberg on an upcoming episode of The Ultimate Blackjack Tour, airing Saturdays on CBS. You can also visit Erica's official site for more info about her relationship with Mansion Poker.

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