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Blackjack Sites

Recommended Blackjack Websites

Building a page of useful blackjack sites is a fun thing to do, because unlike a lot of sub-niches of the gambling sector, there are some truly useful and wonderful blackjack websites with a ton of unique content. I've limited the sites and pages here to the ones I think represent the best of the bunch

Newest featured site: I just finished an email conversation with Ryan from The site is unusual because it's not just an informational portal; it actually offers seminars, dvd's, and books for people interested in learning about card counting. Check it out.

The Top 10 Blackjack Sites Online

I've added a new feature to this page recently: full page reviews of the biggest, most popular, and most useful blackjack websites on the Internet. These include:


Pagat's Blackjack page is definitely worth visiting. (And it probably lists more sites than I do on this page.) In fact, the Pagat site is great if you're interested in any kind of card games.

Blackjack Sites - Black Jack is becoming the premier destination for anyone interested in finding real money blackjack deals. They have recently updated their basic strategy chart. offers up reviews of top online casino gambling sites along with rules and tips for popular casino games including blackjack, slots and roulette.

Ken Smith's is still without a doubt probably the most useful blackjack site on the internet. I had the good fortune to share a meal with Ken in Vegas a couple of years ago, and he's truly a nice guy. More importantly, his site is loaded with great information, including a basic strategy generator which will produce a basic strategy based on the variables that you input. is a neat site. You can learn basic blackjack strategy while you play their free blackjack game. It's also a very clean, low-key, minimal-advertising type site.

MIT Mike has his own blackjack site at There's not a lot of free information there, but it's one of the only sites online I know of that sells seminars, dvd's, and supplies to help you learn how to be a card counter.

Another MIT blackjack team guy with his own website is Semyon Dukach at Dukach sells instructional dvd's and seminars. Semyon Dukach was the real-life inspiration for Ben Mezrich's book Busting Vegas. His site also has an active blackjack players' forum. - 10 best online gamblig sites reviewed at provides listings of USA casinos for blackjack players.

The Wikipedia article on blackjack and the Wikipedia article on card counting are both excellent reading. I've done some editing on the card counting article myself, but it definitely needs more work. has been one of the leading providers of casino game advice including blackjack and most other popular games. They have an excellent blackjack tutorial section well worth the read. Check it out at

BJ21 is Stanford Wong's blackjack website. Wong is one of the most famous and prolific blackjack authors in the world, and his website is as high quality as his books. is another must-visit site for a blackjack fan. This website is offers daily blackjack posts and a current list of the top online casinos.

The ODP blackjack sections list good quality sites. All the sites there are hand-selected by human editors.

The Blackjack Insider newsletter makes for interesting reading too. They publish a great newsletter and have a useful questions and answer section on their site.

Viktor Nacht's Advantage Player site has a section dedicated to blackjack books and it also includes an active blackjack forum.

A new site you might enjoy ( ) focuses on online blackjack odds and how to play blackjack for beginners. It's written and designed by a friend of mine, and it offers a simple, user-friendly design. I wish I could design sites that look as nice as his.

I'm reading Arnold Snyder's Big Book of Blackjack right now, and I love it. His Blackjack Forum site is loaded with cool stuff for blackjack lovers, and it's a site that anyone interested in the subject should keep bookmarked. offers up a top 10 online casino list and also reviews online casinos for USA players as well as Canada, UK and Europe. - Find the safest places to play online casinos. PlayersJet has reviewed, rated and ranked 900 plus online casinos to help you practice safe bets. (Note that this isn't specifically a blackjack site.) - online sports betting guide from

Is Online Blackjack Rigged? - A noteworthy article from your very own Blackjack Hero.

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