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Blackjack Review Network gets a lot of traffic. It's (in my estimation) one of the top ten most visited blackjack websites on the Internet. And the site deserves the traffic that it receives. It's content rich, useful, and well-written. Many (if not most) gambling and blackjack websites are just affiliate doorway pages with bogus content that's only there as an excuse to get clicks on the affiliate links.

Not so with The site is loaded with rich, unique, blackjack content.

Blackjack Review Magazine

As near as I can tell (it's not entirely clear on the website), is the online version of a magazine called Blackjack Review Magazine, which was published by Michael Dalton from 1992 to 1998. At the time of this writing, complete collections of the magazine are still available to order through their site, but they have fewer than 35 collections left for sale.

Michael Dalton's Encyclopedia of Casino 21

This is the blackjack encyclopedia of blackjack encyclopedias. I don't even know how many entries are in there, but if you know of a blackjack subject that's not covered in their resource, well, I'd be surprised.

Design Issues

My site is not an example of a modern, fancy website design philosophy, so I can relate to's decision to keep their site old-school in its design. If you can navigate a website by clicking on text links, and if you know how to use your forward and back keys on your computer, then you'll have no problem finding your way around the BJR website.

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