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Ken Smith's Blackjack has been online at least since 1998, making it one of the oldest blackjack websites on the Internet.

Blackjack Basic Strategy Engine

Even in 1998, the centerpiece of the site was the blackjack basic strategy engine, which is a series of data inputs which creates a customer basic strategy chart for whatever game you might be playing. The information required to determine the appropriate basic strategy includes:

  • Number of decks?
  • Does the dealer stand or hit soft 17?
  • What are the doubling down rules?
  • Is doubling after splitting allowed?
  • Is surrender allowed.

Blackjack Rules and Strategy Trainer

Other features of the Blackjack Info website are their complete set of blackjack rules, and their basic strategy trainer, which is a free no download blackjack game which will coach you and correct your strategy decisions while you play. This is an incredibly useful tool.

Blackjack Player Interviews

The site also features interviews of several blackjack players, including Stanford Wong, Zengrifer, and MIT Mike Aponte.

Other Site Features also features an active message board full of blackjack players, and a newsletter which seems to be published on a pretty irregular basis. The website section about gambling online is well written and well thought out. But the other truly great feature of the site is the store, which offers the best selection of gambling software and tools we've been able to find online. At the time of this writing, you can purchase a copy of the excellent Play Blackjack Like the Pros by Kevin Blackwood for only $6.95, which is an excellent price for this book.

The owner of the site, Ken Smith, is not just a webmaster. He is an actual blackjack personality who has written numerous blackjack tournament strategy articles for the now out of print Blackjack Confidential and BJ Insider. He also has appeared on The Ultimate Blackjack Tour, The World Series of Blackjack, and numerous other high profile blackjack events.

Blackjack was #1 in Google for a one word "blackjack" search for years, and it still ranks #3 for that word, after the Samsung page about their new cell phone product and after the Wikipedia article on blackjack. In my opinion. Ken's site should still rank #1. (Of course, I think my site should rank #2, and at the time of this writing I'm all the way down at #15 or something like that.)

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