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Lucky is a site that gets a lot of traffic because it's well-SEO'ed. Most of the other blackjack websites on this list get a lot of traffic for other reasons., for example, gets a lot of traffic because it has repeat visitors showing up to hang out in the forums or use the blackjack strategy trainer there. gets a lot of traffic because he offers an interactive blackjack strategy chart program. relies on the power of its domain name.

But Lucky ranks well for a ton of search terms, including stuff like "online blackjack".

Advertising on

I don't know what kind of advertising deals has with its advertisers, but my guess is that it's mostly affiliate-based. The homepage of the site lists five different recommended online casinos at which to play. The advertising on this site is a little aggressive for my tastes, but I know other webmasters who think my advertising is too aggressive for their tastes too. Once you get past the advertising, the site does have a large number of content pages though.

Lucky Content

The content on the Lucky website has a similar theme to the content you'll find here on Blackjack Hero. Their site includes a history of blackjack, a biography of Ken Uston, and guides to various individual blackjack games. They also devote entire articles to each of the potential player decisions that can be made in a blackjack game (hit, split, double down, stand, etc.) doesn't have an intuitive site navigation structure. Most of the article pages don't actually have a navigation system at all - users have to go back to the homepage for the menu, or they just follow the in-text links in the articles themselves. It's an interesting approach, and it's probably pretty effective from an SEO perspective.

One approach to their content that I like is their blackjack news section, although it doesn't look like that section is updated on a very frequent basis. The most recent news article I saw was about the new Kevin Spacey 21 movie that's coming up this year. That's pretty old news.

On the other hand, Blackjack Hero doesn't even have a blackjack news section.

If you'd like to take a look at some of the content on for yourself, you can visit them at:

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