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The World's Largest Blackjack Club - bills itself as the "world's largest blackjack club". I'm not sure about blackjack clubs, because I don't see a lot of advertising for them, but I guess that's an okay tag line for a website like The site is one of the most popular and most visited blackjack destinations on the Internet, probably due in no small part to their premium domain name. (How hard is it to remember to type in "" when you're looking for this site?)'s Free Blackjack Game

The site offers a free blackjack game to play, but to actually play the game requires registration on the site.

The Gamemaster's Blackjack School

The educational part of the Black website is mostly found in the section called "The Gamemaster's Blackjack School". This school is a series of 24 blackjack lessons written by one of the founders of Rolling Good Times Online, which is one of the bigger and more popular general gambling portals on the Internet.

About Us?

One of the things I didn't like about the site was the lack of an "about us" section. I was a little unclear about who owns and operates the site and what the purpose of the site was. Based on the copy on the homepage, it seems as if the purpose of the site is to offer free and real money blackjack games as an online casino. They also offer blackjack tournaments.

I could find no information on the site about what software they use, or any information about what other casinos were associated with this site, or anything like that.

I think probably gets a solid amount of traffic based almost exclusively on their premium domain name. They rank well for the word "blackjack", but I don't get the impression it's because they've done anything in particular for SEO on their site. It seems as if it's just the exact-match top level domain that's supporting their search traffic.

I can think of a lot of cool things I could do with the domain "", but then again, I'm doing most of them here on my own domain. If you'd like to see their site for yourself, you can do so at:

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USA Players Accepted US Players and Credit Card, BitCoin Deposits Accepted!

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