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Hit Or Stand Free Blackjack Game

The websites offers a free blackjack game which teaches blackjack basic strategy while you play. Hit Or Stand is possibly the most trafficked blackjack websites on the Internet, but a lot of that is probably because of the large number of return visitors coming to the site. (Since the site offers a game and practice tool, people are likely to bookmark the site and return to practice.)

I've played the free blackjack game on Hit or Stand several times, and I've usually scored around 90% or so. It's a fast, fun, free blackjack game that requires no download.

Hit or Stand Blackjack Rules

Hit or offers a summary of blackjack rules and a couple of basic strategy charts that you can study. (This is in addition to the tutorial nature of the free blackjack game.)

Hit or Stand Forum - Hit or Stand Message Board

The site also includes an active message board/forum with almost 2000 threads. The Hit or Stand forum is divided into the following sections:

  1. Announcement and forum issues

  2. Blackjack strategy

  3. The Hit or Stand game

  4. Blackjack experiences and funny stories

The most active forum, by far, is the blackjack strategy section, which contains over 1700 active threads. Much of the blackjack strategy discussion is pretty intense, and honestly, a lot of it was over my head. If you're looking for a serious discussion of different aspects related to blackjack tactics, then this is the place to find it. The forum posters seem polite and welcoming. (Unlike the posters in some poker forums.)

Hit or Stand Recommended Blackjack Books and Blackjack Authors

Blackjack authors Walter Thomason and Fred Renzey have both turned up in order to post in the blackjack forums at Hit or Stand also.

The Hit or Stand blackjack site also has a featured books section where the owners of the site recommend some of the following blackjack books:

You can visit Hit or Stand directly:

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