Will Zynga Make a Mobile Blackjack Game?

Online blackjack players might find their favorite online casino game on their Facebook sooner than they think.

Zynga recently bought out the iPhone and iPad app creator Bonfire. The reason for the speculation over a possible Zynga Blackjack is because Bonfire created the We Farm mobile app, which is one of the top ten grossing iPad and iPhone games. And We Farm is very similar to Zynga’s extremely well-known Farmville Facebook game.

But Farmville is not Zynga’s only Facebook game to fame. They are also behind another Facebook game called Zynga Poker. Poker and blackjack are two of the most popular online casino games in the online casino industry. Because of that popularity, it would not be a far cry to see Zynga create a Zynga Blackjack game.

But with the recent buyout of Bonfire, who used to work with Microgaming on PC and Xbox 360 games such as Halo Wars and Age of Empires, Zynga may be on the move to increase their online gaming world both with a move further into the mobile app arena as well as moving further into online casino games.

And Zynga is no stranger to the mobile app arena, although it is only a small contender as of yet with its Zynga Live Poker mobile app. With the technology and graphics capabilities of a developer who has worked with the likes of Microgaming, who knows what apps Zynga will produce for the iPhone and iPad—their ever popular Facebook games could all go mobile.

However, I think that Zynga would profit more from moving further into the realm of online gambling by creating more Zynga Live apps for other casino games, such as online blackjack.