Card Counting Practice Helps Your Math

You hear often enough that practicing blackjack and blackjack strategy will improve you blackjack game and skills. This is very true. The only way you become better at something is to do it.

This truly applies to card counting when you are first learning the skill. Card counting, while it can greatly benefit your blackjack odds and your profits, it does require a lot of practice and time to make the skill a profitable one.

This is especially important if math is not your strong point. Even the most basic counting system, Hi Lo, involves adding positive and negative numbers together in your head quietly and quickly. It is important for you to be able to do your math in your head quickly and quietly with no outward appearance of doing so.

It is just as important as making sure to vary your wagers a bit when counting cards. Casino staff will watch players’ faces when they suspect them of card counting to look for signs of concentration. They will often try to engage players they suspect of card counting.

Because of the distractions they might try to throw at you, it is important to practice your math and that is easily done if you take the time to practice your card counting.

Here are some tips for practicing your card counting:

-Take a deck or two and shuffle it to mix all the cards up. Then work on counting quickly and quietly in your head. Time yourself to see how long it takes you. Work on decreasing the amount of time it takes. Try to reach a point where you are not stopping to think about the math, but rather are looking at the card you flip over and can instantly do the math.

-When practicing turn some music on, or the TV, or even both. Casinos are full of noise and noise can be distracting. Practice doing your card counting math with such distractions.

-This one might start out being a bit difficult. But have a friend sit down and try to count while talking to them. You do not have to have an in depth conversation, but talk about something like the weather or a sports team. Stick to light conversation that you would have with a stranger.

Working those tips into your practicing can help improve your ability to do math that relates to card counting, making you ready for the distractions and light conversation the dealer will have with you. Improving your math will improve your counting sills. The better your card counting skills are, the closer you are to gaining an edge over the house.